Happy Birthday To Me!

Princess of Kingdom Long, Long Time Ago

Since Someone forgot… I will wish myself a very Happy Birthday and pray that when I wake up the coffee is already set up… that Someone gets A when he wakes up, and babysits him during the day so that just maybe I can use the gift certificate for the Spa manicure and pedicure I got for Christmas for crying out loud! It’d be really nice if I could also have a long soak in the tub, air jets on high… but I think I am setting my sights too high. A cute pair of Tory Birch flats or sandals would be lovely… a gift certificate to JCrew… but this year I don’t want it to be about me. (Well, yeah I do but we can’t have it all unfortunately!) We need new living room furniture, new patio furniture and a new dining room set. We need a new table for the kitchen. A new dishwasher. A new Washing machine. We have to have several carpenter ant infested trees chopped down. We need all new window treatments for every room. My new kitchen sink was installed today… perhaps I should count that as my gift!


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Happy Birthday Jess! Hope you had a great day! I still can’t get over how much A looks like you!

  2. Happy Birthday Jessica! BTW–I haven’t forgotten that you tagged me; I just haven’t had time to post!

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