Things that p*ss me off…

Perhaps I am in a nasty mood… perhaps it is pre-pms… perhaps it is sheer exhaustion… whatever it is has me in a p*ssy mood and I feel like complaining. So, if you don’t want any whine with your Camembert I suggest you go off and find yourself a different blog… for today.

Before I start I feel the need to tell you all that my son who is a little more than 2.5, not 3 until September just asked me how to spell carrot. What does he know about spelling? That’s curious isn’t it? Should I prepare him for the 2017 Scrip’s National Spelling Bee? Should I be reading him the dictionary instead of Corduroy? OK, I digress…

I’m not a fan of rude people. I used to live on a street where a stop sign was about 50 yards from my driveway. Ya’d think people would slow down for our driveway since the stop sign was just beyond, but Nope. I mean what’s the rush people? Unless you are going to have a baby or going to deliver someone else’s baby you have no reason not to stop to let someone out of their driveway a few feet in front of a stop sign. OK, if you have the runs you are excused as well.

People who do not recycle p*ss me off too. Look I am no Green Goddess by any means, but I do try. I just don’t get how some people make no attempt whatsoever to even recycle bottles, containers and paper goods.

People who criticize and say they would never do this or never do that. Well, have they ever been in that particular position. I’ve been around long enough to have learned never to say never. Trust me one day you will give your child a piece of Birthday cake for breakfast and declare that frosting is loaded with calcium!

People who look at me as though I have three heads when I let my kids wander 50 feet away from me. Look folks their umbilical cords were cut off a long time ago. They need independence. They need to learn responsibility. I want them out of my house and off of the checkbooks the day they turn 18. Kids need some sort of independence and responsibility. My older two help me out at the grocery store and elsewhere when we run errands. I have two eyes and three kids and have to hope that they use their better judgement. That said Alexander may never have better judgement. He may be attached to a leash and harness until he is 18. Then he will be out of my house and my checkbook. I pass him off to his siblings!

Kids who are too young to sit in the front passenger’s seat and do. How can parents be that stupid. Seriously.

The ever growing family with 18-going-on-19 kids. Not because they have that many kids. That’s their business and not mine. Though I do not believe in their parenting style. That’s another post. But what pisses me off about the Duggars is their disregard for their children’s safety. And likewise I am pissed off at the Discovery network for videotaping the kids in improperly installed or way over expired car seats. I think the network should be more responsible. Basically they are saying it’s OK for this family to disregard the safety and well being of their children and therefore you can too. Boo haw to that…

People who are skinny and beautiful piss me off.

My kids often piss me off…

My husband does too for that matter!

I hate that I live in America most phone recordings are in Espanol these day… (Kudos to Blogger’s spell check for not recognizing the word Espanol!)

I hate companies that are not earth-friendly such as this one. This company makes diluted juice in plastic bottles. The tops can not come off and therefore you can not recycle this bottle. The bottles are not recycled either. I do like the concept but for the price, it ain’t cheap, it makes no sense to me…

I am further pissed off by the mothers who buy the aforementioned product. Mix your own juice and water. Is it really that hard? Are you that lazy? Seriously! Or go get some some Mott’s for Tots which is basically the same stuff but it comes in a box that can be recycled.

And while we are talking about Mott’s, why must they take a relatively healthy snack such as apple sauce and add high fructose corn syrup to it? So parents think they are giving their kids something healthy are, in fact, giving them candy bars you eat with a spoon. Sheesh! (Kudos to Capri Sun for taking the hfcs out of their juice pouches!)

People who drive below the speed limit piss me off. Along this part of the I-95 corridor the speed limit is only 55 mph to start. I don’t think that my car can go much slower!

Kids who are fussy eaters piss me off. A child should know what chicken tastes like…. real chicken not the stuff breaded and fried. Come on parents set the example. If you keep feeding your offspring chicken nuggets and fries they won’t live long enough to see their grand kids. Heck, they may not live long enough to see their own kids. This is a serious matter. Our kids should not be fat. OK, some are genetically “large boned” or “sturdy” — that is not what I am referring to. I am referring to those children who weigh more than I do and eat those 100 calorie snack packs as their “healthy” snack. Ooh, don’t get me started here… I have a real issue with young America’s eating habits and the fact that their parents and schools are not doing enough…

People who leave boxes, juice/milk containers practically empty… with not enough for a serving… just finish the damn thing!

People who leave the toilet paper roll empty and don’t replace it really piss me off.

As do those who do not put the lid down.

Is it that much harder to put your cup/mug/glass/plate in the dishwasher
than in the sink?

As you have by now gathered, I could go on and on and on and on… but I will stop!

Maybe I need some wine and chocolate!