Make Way for Ducklings!

Patience had her babies!

Patience is a duck (Mallard?) who found her way on to our school last year. She felt so at home there that she decided to lay her eggs in the garden in by the front entrance. In August her eggs hatched and she led her little ducklings to what would be their new home. A month or so ago Patience returned and settled in under the slide on the part of the playground designed for the younger kids. Imagine a duck wanting to sit on her eggs with children running and skipping and screaming and shouting all around her! Surely she must love our school and it’s children. That particular section was roped off so that Patience could tend to her duties. Late this afternoon Patience’s eggs hatched and ten most beautiful, gorgeous little ducklings were seen following their Mama around the playground!

Lucky Becca was outside to see it all happen. (She is in picture #6 — she is 3rd from left in pony tails and pink pants. It was casual day! Click on slide show for the best view.)

Note: I have been told my link is not showing up and indeed it is not! If you drag your cursor over “ten most beautiful, gorgeous little ducklings” you will see the link there. Click on it for pictures. Sorry!