Meet Alexandra!

Rebecca now has the sister she always wanted! Funny thing was he would not share the magic wand and he threw a tizzy every time his bow started to slip out!

8 thoughts on “Meet Alexandra!

  1. You make me jealous. I really need something to put a dress on. Haha. Truman will undoubtedly wear one for his first birthday party next month. How cute is “she”, though?

  2. Thanks! I love it too. He really does make a cute girl. Almost makes me want another girl. I said almost though!

  3. That is too funny! Just this week W found a box of dress up clothes that someone gave CB for Christmas and promptly demanded that he “play princess”. So he wore the dress, gloves, heels and all, all day long and loved it. Now the first thing he asks in the morning is if he can play princess. I see nothing wrong with it, but everyone else had a burr up their butt over it. Whatever. He has fun and is, most importantly, quiet. He makes a much prettier girl than I thought he would. A makes for a pretty girl too! I’m sure that means they will grow up to be irresistible because they will have such baby faces.

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