which one of these kids is not mine?

Eva slept over last night. The Disney Channel was having a back to back High School Musical 1 and 2 marathon. That’s what the girls were doing. But when they weren’t doing that they were playing dress-up. Not dressing up each other. No, they are wayyyy too old for that. Dressing up Alexander! Rebecca asked him if he wanted to play dress up and he was so excited! He had been in the kitchen with me and took off (on a tear) upstairs with the girls.

This lovely pink and white toile dress is a size 4! What a husky little girl I have!!! This was his evening dress. (He had his plaid boxer shorts on underneath!)

This morning he had on a really pretty yellow Ralph Lauren dress with a white Peter Pan collar and smocking across the front. He had at least 4 pony tails in his hair! Despite the feminine attire there is no denying Alexander is all boy because all he wanted was his blue tool kit! I have to dig up some of my old pictures. There is a picture of me, roughly the same age, hair just an oomph longer and I am riding my little tricycle. We look an awful lot alike! If you look closely you will see he got his hair cut. They took too much off and I was so sad. I miss my shaggy bowl cut. This hair cut is too clean and makes him look too grown up. I want my shaggy baby back!

Christopher, by the way, was really bothered by his brother in a dress. He kept demanding I take it off… hang on while I dig up one of him at the same age in a pair of my heels…


3 thoughts on “which one of these kids is not mine?

  1. That’s hilarious!! He definitely looks like a boy, even in dress! 🙂

    I used to do the same thing to my little brother when I was younger–my parents have some funny pics of us in matching girl swimsuits.

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