Writing Assignment…

I have a few friends whose blogs have been dormant so I said I would be an Honorary Writing Assignment Giver so that they could write about what I suggested. The first assignment was to write about 20 things you like about the summer and 20 things you don’t. Feel free to participate. If you are going to, please post a comment so we can go to your site to check it out!

Twenty things I like about Summer: (in no particular order)

20: the smell of freshly mowed grass
19: walking barefoot on freshly mowed grass
18: the smell of the beach
17: going to the beach
16: Ocean Parke, ME
15: Newport, RI
14: Del’s Lemonade
13: ice cream from The Soda Fountain
12: barbecues
11: flip flops
10: easy breezy clothing
9: not rushing out in the morning to school or to after school activities
8: lemonade on a hot day
7: playing in the back yard with the kids and the kiddie pool and the sprinkler
6: eating dinner outside
5: the long hours of sunlight
4: sending the kids outside and keeping them there!
3: picnic on the beach in the evening with friends
2: catching fireflies
1: being inside with my family during a big summer storm

Twenty things I dislike about summer (in no particular order)

1: mosquitoes
2: itchy mosquito bites
3: bees and wasps
4: bee stings
5: sand in the house
6: sand all over the place
7: sand in the car
8: having to vacuum the kitchen at least once a day
9: my super-huge grocery bill
10: the cost of gas
11: humidity
12: extreme heat
13: feeling sticky
14: bathing suits! (Ha Ha Ha!)
15: hearing the kids say I’m bored
16: it’s very long…
17: the days start to shorten after June 21
18: having to bathe the kids EVERY day
19: too many dishes with the kids around
20: that it ends!


4 thoughts on “Writing Assignment…

  1. I just completed my summer lists and came back to read yours. I deliberately did not read your lists and yet I still have many that are the same as yours. Great minds think alike I guess! đŸ™‚

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