Life’s a Beach!

Today was one of those picture perfect days that come every once in a blue moon… one of those Norman Rockwell days that other people have. Today the kids were behaved — well behaved! They did not bicker, argue or brawl and whatever whining there was, was kept to a minimum. Today was so good that I am fully anticipating the worst for tomorrow!

We got to the beach at around Noon with our towels and chairs and toys, sandwiches, lemonades and Sun Chips. We left at 7:00 after dinner of cheeseburgers, fries and more lemonade. The tide was high when we first arrived and way out when we left. Low tide at this beach is great. The kids can play on the wet sand for hours and dig all the way to China without getting bored. We hadn’t anticipated staying so long but the day and the weather were perfect. The thunderstorms that were predicted never came. The skies were blue and cloudless. The winds light, mild — perfect. The sun was strong but not too hot. We are all exhausted from a long and full day. The older two are still awake. Rebecca is watching the Parent Trap and Don and Christopher are watching Star Wars. I am downloading pictures and trying to keep my eyes open. Alexander fell asleep in the car on the way home from the beach.

I am sure he will have me up before the birds tomorrow. And I am sure I will spill coffee all over the place. And maybe the mug will fall and shatter all over the floor. I wouldn’t be at all surprised. After all days like today are once in a lifetime! I am fighting to stay awake because I do not want it to end.


6 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach!

  1. I can’t tell where you live.  My family lives in Maine (I grew up in Kansas) so I know the value of the beach!  The kids never tire of sand and water.  Jen

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