Welcome to Ocean Park!

Alexander shielding his eyes from the Mamarazzi!

I love using my zoom lens!

Christopher decides to come up for air!

The lovely and talented Miss Olivia!

Catch a wave!

Is that a smile on his face?

Abigail and Alexander…

We left the rain and thunderstorms behind in Connecticut and found sunshine and lots of fog along the Maine Coast. There is really nowhere like it. I would love to have my own home here one day. (A second home perhaps?) I would love it to overlook the ocean and I would wake up and watch the tide roll in (or out) in the morning while I sit on the porch with my morning coffee. And when the temperatures start to dip I would light a fire and sit next to the fire with my coffee, wrapped in sweaters and blankets and watch the tides roll in and out some more. I would sit by the window and write long stories. I would walk along the water with my camera and photograph everything on the beach. I would fall asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing along the shore and the sweet, salty air wafting through the screens of windows.

For now I will be happy with the two weeks I have here with the kids. I will be happy watching them play on the sand and frolicking in the water… body surfing, boogie boarding, digging holes as large as pools, drinking lots of lemonade and eating handfuls of pretzel sticks. I am even more happy for all the cousins around to play with and watch Alexander! This may end up being a vacation (as opposed to simply a family trip) after all!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Ocean Park!

  1. wonderful pic Jess. Thanks for the little tease about the ocean as i sit here in land locked Ohio. Have a great vaca.

  2. Be my neighbor Sarah! I have no pit bulls, no atvs… I’ll cook and you can brig the wine!

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