Peace and Quiet…

I haven’t downloaded pictures in a couple of days and I will do so either first thing in the morning or later tonight if I can muster the energy. You have no idea how exhausting it is going to the beach every day!

Last night Don and I went out to dinner. Alone! Sans children! It was wonderful. I can not remember the last time we were out just the two of us. We went to a local restaurant called Yellowfin. I have always wanted to try it but due to lack of sitters here we haven’t eaten dinner out without the children while in Ocean Park for many many years.

We started off with a spicy crackling calamari that was some of the best I have ever had. A remoulade sauce was buried beneath the crisp exterior. The calamari itself was tender and soft. We then had fish for our main course. Don ordered a cedar plank grilled salmon and I had a halibut with a lemon and butter sauce. We were both expecting our fish to be as outstanding as our appetizer and unfortunately our main courses fell quite short. They were bland, unexciting and certainly we could have cooked better ourselves. But all was not lost. The restaurant was quiet (oddly so for a Friday night) and charming. We drank our wine and chatted and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We kept marvelling at the fact that we could finish sentences and thoughts without interruption! I mean, seriously, children must have some sort of built-in radar letting them know the minute two adults start to have a conversation. The same radar goes into effect the minute an adult picks up the telephone!

We declined desert and opted instead to walk around the little boutique store and the little antique store and slowly strolled home. How sad it was to have to put an end to our little night out! Did I miss the kids at all?
Truthfully? Nope, not one bit!


3 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet…

  1. Good for you! That sounds lovely. I just got back from the grocery store, by myself. That felt pretty good, too. Wish my hubby could’ve ridden along with me, but alas someone had to stay home with the children.


  2. Ditto: good for you! It’s amazing how much we cherish those kid-free dates now. Heck I’m excited just to go to Hobby Lobby without the kids!

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