just too tired

i am tired. too tired. i have been going to bed too late. and getting up too darn early. rebecca had ice skating camp this week. we have to be there every morning at 8:30. we have been going to bed way too late. i just said that, didn’t i? i need sleep. last night we went to a carnival that our fire department puts on every year. (i will post pictures tomorrow.) it is the best carnival ever. in all time. period. i went to bed at 11:00 and woke up at 4:15 this morning. could not get back to sleep. perhaps i should not be on my second glass of wine. oh well! perhaps i will have someone else put the kids to bed tonight. he will have it easy. alexander passed out about 15 minutes ago watching blues clues. the other night i was watching the news. there have been a rash of home invasions on Staten Island, NY. not that staten island is near here by any stretch of the imagination. but i have an imagination. it is stretched. way stretched. too many episodes of csi, and way too many news broadcasts. i was up for hours certain that someone wanted to invade our home. don told me that there was a black bear sighting on n. avenue. he heard so on the news. what??? so, of course, my imagination gets the best of me and keeps me up all night as i imagine the worst… a black bear appearing in our back yard as our three are happily (for once) playing together. i am inside doing laundry or something and there are screams. shrieks. i see the bear barrelling toward my children. i am paralyzed by fear. i can not move. i don’t know which kid to rescue. how do i rescue him or her? shall i call animal control? what do i do in the meantime? i am a wimpy mom. my children need me and i can not save them. i need some sleep. clearly. and i need to stop watching the news on tv.


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