Ida Noe

When your kids are younger they don’t really choose their own friends. Usually the friends come by associaton. Perhaps the parents are friends, or the nannies. During the younger years kids get thrown into together because the parents (mothers) have similar interests. The toddler friends often get tossed asside as preschool friendships develop. At this point they gravitate toward those children who like to play with similar toys. Both Rebecca and Christopher brought home their first real friends when they were in preschool. They made excellent choices. Rebecca befriended a little girl named Sophia who, like her mother, was long and lithe and lean. She was cute and funny and loved to do all the girly things that Rebecca loved to do. Sure Rebecca liked her toddler friends, a couple better than others, but Sophia was her first chosen friend. Then there was Annie. She was the little girl who lived in the house directly behind ours. It was a perfect friendship. We would pass the girls back and forth over the fence. Sometimes Annie was trouble. There were times both Becca and I needed a break. Happy to tell you she is well mannered and lovely 9 year old now. Sadly we don’t see them much anymore… but I digress…

Christopher had two very close little friends. Roman and Carson. They were a great boy trio who loved to rough and tumble and while full of energy and a bit crazy at times, these were good boys. Christopher did not like Joey. Joey never shared. And whenever Christopher brought a toy in for Show and Tell Joey would try to take it away. By the age of 3 kids know what they like and don’t like.

Alexander doesn’t have many real friends. He talks about “Serra” (Sierra) all the time. And sometimes he talks about Grace, Ellie and Avery. These are little girls he met in a toddler gym class. Notice the absence of boys? I became friendly with these mothers and Alexander was thrown into play groups with the girls. He did not mind. Never. Never objected. He loves Sierra. They play wonderfully together. But Alexander will start school on Wednesday. He has a very small class this year. Who will he play with? The girls? The boys? Both? Who will he ask to come over to play?

It will be interesting.

The kids, for the most part, have made excellent choices. The only exception is Ida. Ida Noe. You may have heard about Ida. Ida causes a lot of trouble around here. Ida dumps toys out in the bedrooms and hallways and doesn’t help to put them away. Ida leaves toothpaste residue in the sink. Ida forgets to flush. Ida sometimes misses. Ida spills milk and juice. Ida forgets to throw napkins away and put plates and cups in the sink. Ida leaves dirty socks and underwear on the floor. Ida throws stuff into the garbage and misses. The list goes on and on and on. As you can tell I am not a huge fan of Ida’s. I think Ida might have been raised by Wolves. So if something goes amiss in your house and you ask your kid(s) “What happened?” and “Who did this?” and they answer Ida Noe! Be afraid… be very afraid!

I am such a DITZ!

my phone has been missing ALL day. i looked high and i look low. i looked everywhere a phone would go. finally i did something i should have done much earlier and hit the Pager button on the base of the charging stand. i heard the phone’s beep-beep-beeping and followed it… down to the basement and into the spare FRIDGE!!???

I got an Award! I got an an Award!

Mandy, over from Life’s about a Dream gave this to me! Thanks, you have no idea what this means… on this of all days, especially!

So, Let me tell you ’bout my day…
I got up at 5:15 to pee and couldn’t get back to sleep. Unfortunately this has been happening a lot lately. Instead of lying in bed staring at the same dark four walls and cieling and listening to my non-snoring husband snore I decided to go downstairs for some peace and quiet and a nice cup of coffee. As much as I hate waking up super early I love being awake when no one else is. That’s rare these days. I don’t know what the hell possessed me to start cleaning the downstairs bathroom, off the kitchen, directly under Alexander’s room at 5:30 in the morning but I did. And I did not realize how quiet I wasn’t being until I heard little elephant feet (how does one small child walk so loudly) up and down the upstairs hallway. Those loud footsteps eventually grew louder and louder and louder. Oh Joy! I always love having a 3 year old up at 5:45 in the morning putting an and to any prospect of a relaxing morning. Such is life and it goes on. My friend Kim would tell me to have a drink. I should have. It might have helped the rest of the day…

At 7:00 I went up and woke up the loud non-snoring person in bed. Told him to go downstairs to keep and eye on Alexander. I wanted a shower. I had my shower but I certainly wasn’t going to get dressed alone. Nope. Alexander found his way back up and started opening and rumaging through all the drawers. Doing all that stuff I have no tolerance for when I am trying to get dressed. Especially when I am trying to get dressed.

We had Alexander’s preschool orientation today. I was not going to be late. I had to motivate the other two to get up and dressed and feed them breakfast. Meanwhile my hair was not behaving and and I had nothing to wear — that I liked. I was yelling at Alexander who had been driving me batty for nearly three hours at that point. I was starting to loose my cool. The other two weren’t getting dressed — in fact one wouldn’t wake up. I was not getting any help other than being accused of being in a foul mood. Damn right! I hate nothing more than parenting my children while The Silent Partner (to remain nameless) does nothing to help. What-e-ver. Bad mood shmad mood and proud of it. Don’t like it? Well then leave — and “Don’t let the door hitcha where the Good Lord slitcha!” Like that? Rebecca and I were watching Hannah Montanna the other night when Miley came up with that one. Anyhow…

We finally get out and to Alexander’s orientation in time. It was funny none of the little kids really played with the others. They either clung to their parents or played by themselves. Like Alexander. He played with the trucks in the sand box the entire time! And Christopher threw up. All over the grass. I have no idea what was wrong because after he was just fine. Luckily The Silent Partner noticed that Christopher was looking pale and his lips were blue.

When the party was over we headed over for haircuts. That was fairly smooth. But then there was the shoe store. The over-crowded kid’s shoe store that we stoopidly dared to enter the week before school started because Mommy is a dummy and is forever putting things off. We wrote our names down on the sheet and waited our turn. And waited and waited and waited. Finally the lady calls out our name. And we are ready. I start off with Rebecca. She wants a pair of navy Mary Janes. She measures a size 5 and then they tell us they have no shoes in that size. Except for sneakers. There are lots of sneakers. But none that she likes. And the ones that she does like are not in her size. And she wanted a pair of blue Nikes. They were boys sneakers. I have no problem with boy’s sneakers at all. But these were… gross… I blurted out … get this… “No don’t get those! They are too butch!” I have NO idea what possessed me to say that! Sure I was thinking it but I am usually pretty good at keeping my idiotic comments to myself. Usually. Not today! I felt like a complete and total heel calling my beautiful 9 year old a butch, because you know that is how everyone else heard it! She looked shocked. And mortified. And I felt more like a heel digging deeper and deeper into the sand. So we moved on and went through several more pairs of sneakers. Nope. Nope, Nope and Nope. And then finally she declared that she liked “Those!” Well, wouldntcha know that “Those” were the first damn pair of sneakers we tried on! Then we move on to Christopher who wants a navy blue of Geox. For $70. Well, I just got him a new pair of sneakers 2 weeks ago. For $50. And he needs a new pair of Merrells. For $40something. I tell him he can have the taupe Geox for $60. They are a nice looking shoe. The navy ones are very nice but they look too much like a sneaker and there are times when I would like him to be in something that does not look like a sneaker. And not quite as dressy as the Penny Loafers he needs. Another $50something. I really do not, NOT want to be spending $300 on children’s shoes today and somehow, manage to coherse him into agreeing to the taupe Merrells! I saved nearly $30 that way. Then there is Alexander who wants the Flashing Wee Woos. Translation, the white sneakers with light up red fire trucks on the side. Normally a bit too much for my taste, but Christopher had a pair at the same age when he went through the same Fireman Madness. How could I deprive his brother? But they don’t have them anymore. They are an older model. People!!!! There are children here and when they seee Flashing Wee Woo Sneakers you had better have a pair of Flashing Wee Woo Sneakers for them! Geesh! He is over them in a matter of seconds when he sees the red Tsukihoshi sneakers. He wants Those! His favorite color is red. He is so excited. He has the blue ones and loves them. But they don’t have those either. Nor the brown ones. Desperate to get him a pair of shoes… a pair of anything I go over to the Crocs on the far wall. I would love to get him a bright orange pair. Nothing. Nothing in his size. No red. No green. No blue. No brown. No black. My heart keeps sinking that I have nothing to get Alexander for his back to school shoe shopping day. Our shoe shopping trip was a bust. Defeated we head home. Alexander passes out in the car.

I put him on the living room couch and sit down to read some email. Then I see I have this lovely award! I am so excited and I want to post it and show you all. But life got in the way. I had kids to feed and dishes to wash. I had dinner to make and dishes to wash. Dinner making was a catastrophe. I was making pesto. The kids love it and I can make those greens mighty tasty! Tonight I thought I would sneak some almonds, pine nuts and flax seed in it. I toasted them up and added the nuts and seeds right into the blender and then knocked over the entire bag of flax seed… all over the counter and all over the floor. What a mess! If you do not know what a while flax seed looks like picture a sesame seed but even a bit smaller. That was fun! Sauteed up some grilled chicken pieces to add to the pasta and the counter is covered with grease splatter even though A) I used Pam to sautee with and B) I had one of those splatter cover doohickey things over my pan. Lovely. Shortly thereafter I managed to spill a good bit of pasta onto the floor and my foot! (Penne, in case you were wondering!) Was I gonna cry about it? Nope. Was I gonna toss it? Nope. I was gonna just dump it right back in the pot — give it a quick rinse and voila! But shhhh, don’t tell! And it must have been OK because there is not much left over!

I had dinner to feed and dishes to wash. Then I had to take Rebecca to her skating lesson. We left the house at 5:30 and got back at 8:00. We cleaned the play room. The the boys were hungry. I gave them some red raspberries and cut up strawberries and 2 chocolate grahams. And dishes to wash. Now it is 9:30 and The Silent Partner is tucking the kids into bed. I will have to go up too. After I finish my glass of wine (that I probably should have had this morning!) and after I finish this entry!

So Mandy… your award to me could not have come at a better time!

Smore Family Fun!

Don had been wanting to burn our overabundance of sticks and small branches that presented themselves all over our back yard during the last storm. He thought that while doing so the kids would have fun roasting marshmallows. And I, of course, wasn’t going to settle with just roasted marshmallows, I wanted to make Smores!
It was a perfectly cool, almost fall-like night — a more perfect night for such an activity could not be found. There was ever so slight a chill in the air. The stars were out in abundance. I couldn’t have asked for a better Smore-making night! But we had to construct them a little differently. My kids are not eating candy. Haven’t since early June. I decided that candy was become a way too common fixture in their lives so I bribed the older two not eat it all summer long. I offered up $100 each. (Alexander is not participating because I still have almost complete control over what he eats and is not as affected by candy as the other two are.) They accepted my offer and have done amazingly well! But how does one make a Smore without a Hershey Bar? We thought of some very clever ways to try to come up with our own Smore recipe. And you know what? I liked them, one in particular, much better! As anti-American as it may sound, I loathe chocolate Hershey bars. Always have. I do not like the flavor and find them way too gritty. Like chocolate flavored chalk, really. So we went out to the grocery store to find some ingredients.
We found a super Butterscotch/Caramel sauce and a dark chocolate fudge sauce. We substituted chocolate grahams for the regular variety. We found we liked those better. They were more flavorful and crispier. The kids also decided they would like to try their Smores with a little Nutella and peanut butter as well. (Not together, separately!) So we got out all our ingredients and we tried many variations. My favorite, hands down, and I will make these for the rest of my life, was the caramel Smore! I took 2 graham squares, placed my melted marshmallow one one half and a generous spoonful of butterscotch/caramel sauce on the other, sandwiched them together and voila! Perfection!
Another wonderful evening to go down in memory!

Mother of The Year!

As we were getting ready to leave the house to go back to school shopping this morning I noticed a big purple spot on Alexander’s chin. It most definitely was not there when he woke up. I thought he had gotten a hold of one of those fat purple Dot markers. He has done such before. I had all the art supplies in the kitchen and it didn’t appear as though any of it had been touched. The probability of a lone purple Dot marker in the play room was pretty high. I went to get a washcloth to clean the purple from Alexander’s chin. He kept saying “Ouch!” and it wouldn’t come off! That’s when Rebecca, my daughter who is only 9, remarked that it must be a bruise! A bruise from a fall last night! Alexander was sitting at the kitchen table and I assumed he slipped because he was not sitting in his chair properly. He cried when he fell and I assumed he was crying because I yelled at him. It hadn’t dawned on me that he had fallen on his chin. On the hard tile floor. It hadn’t dawned on me that he had gotten hurt! I discovered this a good bit before I saw him, scissors in hand with a mediumish sized clump of blond dangling off his shoulders!

What a long strange trip it’s been

We are back. Home. It feels so good. It was a very long three days away. Even Rebecca commented on that when we got home yesterday evening. “I love my house!” She exclaimed. “I haven’t seen it in forever!” At times I wanted to pack the bags (it’s amazing how many I brought) and turn around and come back home. It’s hard to watch your kids without help when they are all running in three different directions. But at home I am home and I have a pretty good idea as to where they are even if I can not see or hear them. I live in an area where I can leave them out in the backyard together and not have to worry. But this all changes as soon as you enter someone else’s home. Even if that home belongs to your parents. Especially when your parents were super diligent about your upbringing. Especially when most of their house is not geared for children. Especially when most of their furniture is white. (A dream of mine one day… or maybe not!)

There was a playroom, small but it was theirs, until my mother turned it into her office. Their toys are still there, neatly put away in wicker baskets and carefully placed on closeted shelves. They can play in there but they have to be quiet. It is very hard to keep three children quiet, especially when two of them are boys. There are also toys aplenty in one of their bedrooms. But most, at this point, are more appropriate for the youngest child. Still they find ways to play and entertain themselves. And then they get bored. My kids do tend to get bored easily. I have still to figure out why! So we are best left to play outdoors. They all love to swim and jump in the swimming pool. But even that only lasts so long. We have a trike for Alexander and he can ride it on their tennis court. And draw with chalk. And jump rope and play with the basket ball… and sweep the leaves which I do believe is his favorite thing to do. But when we are not outside things get tougher. The kids are expected to be quiet. The older two can control their noise level — somewhat, but this is still hard for Alexander. Their manners are not perfect. They do not like all kinds of food. (I have never thought of them as fussy, ever!) They are too loud. They do not have a set daily schedule. (During summer vacation — unless they are in camp — they absolutely do not!) Well, according to my mother they need a set schedule and they need to be less fussy and quieter. Apparently I was a perfect child. I ate all my veggies — everything that was put in front of me as a matter of fact. I always did what I was told. I was not loud and my manners were impeccable. Well, I certainly don’t remember this as the case! Raising three children is vastly different than raising one. I have chosen to stay at home with my children. My mother did not. I grew up in New York City where skyscrapers and taxi cabs outnumbered actual Manhattanites. I live in a town where cows outnumber people! I have to schlep three kids to school and to all their activities after school and on weekends. If I don’t want to serve lunch at Noon in the summertime because I am not ready to do so then that is my prerogative. My kids graze too much. They do not eat enough. It was a lot to have to listen to. I understand that our lives and lifestyles are vastly different. But I also realize that there are many different parenting styles and what works for one might not work for another. My mother was super organized. Still is. Everything has a time slot and a spot. I can not function that way. I most likely would not like it even if I did not have kids. I hate routine and repetition. Obviously my kids (during the school year) need routine and day to day life requires repetition. Some days I need to keep them busy and fill their days to the brim. And some days I need to do absolutely nothing. My mother’s ways worked for her. Mine work for me.

My kids chew with their mouths closed and know to put their napkins on their their laps. They always thank me for a cooked meal. Always. And they never need prompting. They always look an adult in the eye when spoken to. They say please and thank you. They really are pretty good kids even if they piss me off hourly. I know I haven’t done everything wrong even if my mother believes that Alexander should be punished for every little thing he does wrong. There would be way too many punishments if I did it that way! I don’t believe that would be constructive at all. I save the punishments for the big stuff. I really think it is a more effective means of parenting. I am pretty certain my pediatrician would agree with me. Apparently a peach AND a bowl of popcorn is too much food for an afternoon snack. I should not let them snack so much. Rebecca’s hair is too messy. She should know how to take care of it herself even though I, myself, struggle to remove the knots. It went on and on like this for 3 days. it was tough and yet I kept reminding myself that we are different people with different views and different parenting styles. I kept reminding myself this. And I wonder how much the kids heard, grasped? If they could sense the same tension I did? I felt like a kid all over again. I am closer to middle age than childhood. Despite it all they had fun and want to go back. And despite all I will bring them back if that is what they want.

As you can see from the above slideshow I did manage to take some great pictures of the kids! I hope that I might be able to use one for a Christmas card picture…

One Last Hurrah

We are headed back to Newport for a couple of days to see Moo and Popsy at their house one last time this summer. We’ll have our last splashes in their pool and do all the fun things we love to do. It’s the last time (this summer) I will have to endure the bickering and whining in the car. Summer is almost over and fall is almost here. It’s that fabulous time of the year when school is almost near! We have much to do still. We have school supplies to buy and clothes and shoes to get. Class parties (3 this year!) to attend. There are a couple of things I would like to try to fit in before the summer is over. And then I think I will safely be able to look back and say what a great summer it was. We’ve done a lot and relaxed a lot. The kids look healthy and well rested. And they’re getting a touch restless and bored. We have had a truly lovely summer and we are ready for fall. In addition to the list of items I have to complete before school starts, I have a long list of things I want to do once school starts. Of course, not one thing on my list involves children!

Mommy’s Back to School List
(Things I want to do After September 3rd)

— get a manicure and pedicure
— get some “school” clothes for myself
— hang out at the bookstore cafe and peruse all the books
— go for long morning walks
— dust off and use my treadmill
— play tennis on the wii and NOT play with anyone!
— clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom, one room at a time
— make many trips to Goodwill, going through one room at a time
— meet with painters and paint living room, dining room and master bedroom
— sit and do nothing, absolutely nothing, and have a cup of coffee and watch some adult TV… anything as long as it is not a children’s show

Do you have your own back to school list you would like to share?

I don’t have all the answers

And I am finding there are lots I can’t Google! Last year when Rebecca asked me “Mom, what’s a period? I think I know, but what is it anyway?” (She is 9!) I literally tossed her a book that I had recently picked up called The Care and Keeping of You (an American Girl book) tossed it at her and said “Here, read this and then come to me with any questions!” I really did that. I was totally and completely unprepared. I can’t believe I did that, but hey it was better than “Go ask your father!” I really should have been prepared but I wasn’t.

She knew all about it already thanks to Evangelina. THANK GOD! Usually I would not want her getting information from anyone but me. But the topic came up at school and Rebecca, naturally, wanted to know what a period was. I was not there and so she did not have the option of asking me. (THANK GOD!!!) Evangelina has a 17 year old sister and naturally knows more about such stuff and explained it all to Rebecca beautifully. I was truly impressed. So much so that I actually thanked Eva’s mother! Rebecca was not grossed out or scared. She was very well informed. I can not take any of the credit. None at all. Next time won’t be so easy and I do need to be better prepared to tackle all the questions that are due to come my way. I am so glad that Rebecca is my only girl and I will never have to do this part of parenting again. With the boys I will indeed say “Go ask your father!”

The other day we were talking about death. I am not entirely sure how the topic came up but it did. And it does from time to time. It is only natural. It is natural for them to be curious about it and natural for them to want to talk about it. Somehow we came to the topic of me dying. I told them I wanted my ashes scattered in the Mediterranean off the coast of Cannes. It is my absolute most favorite place in the world. Rebecca asked why I wouldn’t want to be buried. I told her all the worms and bugs down in the ground would scare me. I told her that headstones and funeral arrangements were very expensive and that instead of that I would pay for them to fly out to Cannes with their families and throw my ashes off a nice big yacht. Rebecca thought about all of that for a second and seemed to like the idea much better as well. Of course she would!

I caught sight of Christopher through the rear view mirror and saw such a sad look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and if he was saddened by the conversation. He said no. He said that he did not want to put my ashes in the ocean that he wanted to keep them and keep them in his room so he could be with me and I could be with him while he falls asleep at night. This kid kills me. (Pun not intended.) Of course he doesn’t want to scatter my ashes. He is 7 years old and he wants and needs his Mama. I told him that when I do die he will be an old man and he will have children and maybe even grandchildren of his own. He won’t want me, his mother in his bedroom, especially at night. “Trust me on this!” I told him. He thought about it for a second of two and seemed to agree with me. Then he said he would put my ashes in the living room. I was just so touched.

Rebecca then piped up with one of her very large, very breathy, breathy dramatic “that’s not fairrrrrrrr!” I know she would have preferred a trip to the Cote d’Azure but in all fairness if Christopher gets some of my ashes then the other two should as well. I divided myself up and everyone seemed happy. For the moment.

The conversation was dropped and we moved on to something else.

Then the night before last Rebecca came downstairs ever so sad. It was evident that she had been crying. It was 11:30 and well past her bedtime. I asked her what was wrong and she couldn’t tell me. Eventually it came out that she was scared that I was going to die and leave her. I am sure this stemmed from our conversation the other day in the car. I calmed her down and dried her tears. I told her that I would not die. Not for a very, very long time. I told her that she would be so old when I do eventually kick the bucket that she would forget who I am. She laughed a little at that. I got her back to bed.

I remember not being able to fall asleep at night worried about my parents. I worried that they would get in a car crash or in a plane crash and that I would never see them again. I was (am) an only child and I wondered who would take care of me.

I wondered if I should not have made that promise though. I mean I can not really make a promise like that. All sorts of things can happen. The likelihood of my leading a long and healthy life is great, but anything can happen.

This parenting thing is getting harder with age. The physically demanding days of infancy and babyhood are behind me. Those I was able to handle pretty well. This new stuff is a good bit harder and I am finding that not only I do not have all the answers but I don’t even come close to being able to tackle some of them!


I want to post but I haven’t the time. I got home at 12:30 after picking Christopher up from soccer camp (1/2 day… Thank God!) and running errands all morning. I have 3 friends coming over with their kiddos this afternoon. We were friends long before I got married. One of them is now living in Japan. This will be a great way for us all to catch up. Holy #$%t!!! They will be here in about 10 minutes. I had to clean everything up (again) and put everything away… prepare appetizers and dessert for the kids (my Best Ever Brownies — you can check my food blog because I am too lazy to link it here!) It’s thundering out which means I have to have 7 kids running around. Luckily my playroom is large enough to accommodate everyone. And after a couple glasses of wine I may not even remember they are all here! But I will be back later with a real post… I promise!

I didn’t do anything today

Christopher has been in soccer camp all week. That leaves me with a 9 year old and an almost 3 year old. The 9 year old is waaaaayyyy harder to keep happy and entertain. Unless we are physically out of the house and spending money she is bored. We did not go shopping today (for her). We did not do anything “fun” so according to her we did nothing. Well, I’ll let her speak for herself.

Here’s the nothing I did:

5:00 wake up — Don has to shower and I am the world’s lightest sleeper… don’t even pretend you are because I am!
5: 30 drag oh so tired self out of bed and get coffee
5:33 (my guess) plunk down on couch with coffee and turn on news
6:00 Alexander comes pouncing in to the room like Tigger
6:02 (another guess) we go into the kitchen (after many hugs and kisses) for a sippy cup of milk
6:04 news shuts off and I find Blue’s Clues Boat Float on On Demand
6:40 Don is out the door
7:00 Rebecca is up and showered and dressed!
7:20 she is hungry
7:30 I warm up the French toast (made with raisin challah bread) I made the morning before.
7:35 wake Christopher up for soccer camp by shouting up the stairs
7:35:35 he comes down. Was already awake!
7:45 all three children sit to eat
7:50 Only Alexander is left at the table. He fiddles with his breakfast but doesn’t eat it so I excuse him.
7:52 I eat his French toast!!!! It was deelish!
7:52:35 (!!!) I clear the table (the kids are supposed to) and wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and wipe down the table
8:00 Make sure Christopher is dressed and I hop in the shower
8:15 I am done with the shower and come down and play on the computer
9:00 We are out the door
9:20 I drop Christopher off at soccer
9:25 I leave soccer and head to the grocery store
9:45 I am at the grocery store
10: 45 I am out of the grocery store. (Would have been a lot sooner had I not had the kids with me!)
11:00 We arrive home and put the groceries away.
11:15 Rebecca is hungry and I tell her to get her own snack!
11:30 I am back on the computer
11:31 Alexander wants me to read his Tractor Book. (I am so sick of his Tractor Book!)
11:32 He is goofing around and I get annoyed and hop back on the computer.
11:35 He says he will be good.
11:36 I am STARVING and need to eat before reading to him
11:37 I get up to make myself a sandwich and he throws a fit!
11:40 I am back and reading Christopher’s Little Airplane
11:42 Alexander is eating MY turkey sandwich!
12:00 I make lunch for Rebecca and Alexander. Of course Alexander does not want his!
12:15 Rebecca and Alexander go off to play together and I hop back on the computer?
?? I get up and toss a load in the dryer and a load in the wash
?? I bring the clothes from the dryer in to the family room to fold them
?? I finish folding and come back on my computer
2:30 I get ready to get Christopher
2:45 We leave the house
3:00 We get to soccer
3:30 We get back to the house
3:35 I transfer a sleeping Alexander on to the couch
3:36 I get Christopher a drink and a snack
3:37 I get out another load to fold and put another load in the wash
3:38 I leave the load in the basket and check out my emails and my blog!
?? I fold the laundry?
?? Rebecca wants a snack and I tell her to get an apple
?? I call Don to see when he will be home. I have to take Rebecca to ice skating and don’t want to have to deal with the boys coming with me!
?? I clean out Alexander’s room and strip his bed.
?? I clean Rebecca’s room and re-fold her clothes and clean her closet.
?? I make Christopher’s bed. His room is pretty tidy
?? I run Alexander’s sheets and bedspread down to the washing machine
4:30 Christopher is hungry and wants a sandwich
4:31 I make him a turkey and salami sandwich per his request
4:32 While I am making a sandwich the kids all snack on grapes and strawberries
5:00 Rebecca is hungry. I make her a peanut butter and honey sandwich to eat on the way to ice sating.
?? I am back on the computer!
5:30 I am out the door with Rebecca
6:00 We are at the rinks… I pay, help her with her skates and we head to the upstairs rink.
6:45 pick up a magazine
6:46 CAUGHT for not watching Rebecca’s every move!
8:00 We leave the rinks.
8:20 We arrive home. NEITHER boy has had dinner. Hubby is home watching TV. Arghhh
8:21 Heat up a can of soup.
8:30 Scoop out ice cream for the kiddos.
8:35 Check Alexander’s bed stuff — It’s still wet so I turn the dryer back on.
8:40 Send Christopher to the shower and bring Alexander up for bed?
8:41 Brush his teeth
8:45 Settle into his bed and read 2 books
9:00 Turn his lights off and sing him a song.
9:05 Rush down to grab the comforter in the dryer.
9:06 Sing a couple of songs
9:10 Tuck Rebecca and Christopher into their beds
9:15 I have some ice cream!
9:20 Do dishes, run dishwasher
9:25 Sweep kitchen and Family Rooms (Alexander is OBSESSED with vacuums and I do not want to rile him up!)
9:30 Swiffer (Wet Jet) kitchen and Family Room floors
?? Wipe down kitchen counters
?? Sit back down with my computer?
10:15 Come upstairs with a glass of water and a laptop
11:12 I Finish this post because I am tired!

And so there… there is everything I have not done today!
Tomorrow after I empty the dishwasher, make breakfast, tidy up, get the kids all ready and take Christopher to soccer I will take Rebecca to our local pottery painting store!