And DOWN she goes!

Laugh with me… not at me! Ok? (I know you will be laughing at me anyhow!)

I had almost the entire day to myself yesterday. Seven blissful-no-whining-child-free hours. I left the house at 8:00 to go attend a fundraising seminar at 9:00 am in Greenwich. Although my town is about 1/2 hour away, the morning rush can make the trip much longer. With all due respects to the talented Laurie Berkner and Miley Cyrus, I was so glad to be able to listen to my own music choices and change the station whenever I wanted to. (Sadly the CDs in the disk changer belonged to the kids and I left my iPod at home.)

I got to my meeting at the Hyatt with plenty of time to spare. (Note to self: Must get a room there for a night!) I found my meeting room, and was warmly greeted by everyone. I was also greeted by a beautiful display of lovely pastries, fresh fruit and Starbucks coffee. I helped myself to a lovely fresh fruit pastry, (to make my pants even more snug!) some fresh fruit and a lovely cup of coffee. I settled down in my chair, grazed over my breakfast and listened to the speakers. My meeting was both delicious and informative. We went overtime by about an hour. Another hour without children! I mean, what more could I have asked for?!

After the meeting was adjourned I headed over to Greenwich Avenue. (Think smaller scale Beverly Hills or Fifth Avenue.) I love Greenwich Avenue (though hate the parking) with it’s share of delicious jewelers, boutiques and designer stores. My first mission was to get my wedding band and engagement rings cleaned. They were in terrible need. I was met and greeted by the same lady (whose name I do not know) who has been there the 12 years I have owned my engagement ring. She feigned disgust at my rings and promptly sent them into the cleaner. Then she checked the stones and found, alas, that my wedding band had a lose diamond. It turns out that all the dirt caked in it had acted as a form of glue. Lovely! With just my nice shiny engagement ring on my finger I took off and headed across the street to Tiffany’s to get a battery replaced for one a watch I have not been able to wear in a bout a year. The watch was a gift from Don for my 29th Birthday. My first 29th Birthday! Minutes later the battery was replaced… and guess what? It was free! Seriously! I have no idea when watch batteries became free; I know I have always paid in the past… but I was happyhapphappy! I was so happy that I had extra spring in my step!

I was walking across the street and down the Avenue (which is really on a fairly steep hill) with a little too much bounce for my too cute black patent leather Tahari wedges and









n I went!

I was so grateful that none of my girlfriends were with me because I know we would have been laughing hysterically! I was sort of embarrassed but I got up and brushed myself off. And then I saw it, a little tear near the hem of my favorite black linen capris! Oh no! I can never keep a favorite pair of pants… never! Luckily, I managed to fall right across the street from Ann Taylor!

After I replaced my pants (with newer and cuter ones!) I had one more errand to run. I was now on borrowed time. I knew that Don would need (want) me home. So I rushed over to the skating store to get Rebecca’s blades sharpened and then quickly got in the car and raced home. It had been 7 hours since I had seen the kids. And truth be told, while I was happy to see them upon my return… I could have easily stayed out another 7 hours!

(pictured above: supercute Tahari wedge that sent me tumbling down, ruining my supercute black linen capris on uber glam Greenwich Avenue!)


10 thoughts on “And DOWN she goes!

  1. kimmy… it takes much, much more to bruise my ego! I am a klutz… think of Grace from Will & Grace (one of my all time favorite shows) But we all know I like the way Karen drinks!

  2. Oh Dori… I fall on my a$$ whether I am in flats or barefoot… so, if I am going to wipe out I might as well look good going down 😉

  3. Oh, I have SOOOOO done that. I was actually holding Caden at the time, but thankfully the only thing bruised was my ego.

    I’m laughing WITH you, BTW.

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