Greetings from Newport, Rhode Island

The weather here is de-loverly and we have to leave (even though we have only been here slightly more than 24 hours) in a little bit. We were grateful to have been here last night as we escaped some pretty harrowing storms in our little corner of Southeastern Connecticut. Don was home and the skies turned from bright to grey to green to black. Then down came the hail, the size of grapes. Don rushed to get his car safely into the garage and then turned on the television to check the weather. Thunder storms were predicted but this was not your typical storm. He saw the tornado warnings along with the announcement to get down into the basement. He brought his trusty little Crackberry with him and settled in — I assume on the comfy old green love seat.) Shortly thereafter the power went. The sun came out for a brief while but as she set the power remained off and the house was really dark. He was fine with his flashlights, battery-operated lanterns and a good book. I was so very glad I was not there with the kids! While we were here sleeping comfortably D was kept awake by the never-ending beeping of the smoke detectors. There was still no power this morning and he made his way to Starbucks to get some coffee. (No coffee making capabilities without power!) He passed by our old house. There was a good deal of police activity. Perhaps a car managed to crash through the front fence… Again… so glad not to be there. Then he surveyed our property. A tree came crashing down on to our swing set. I do not know the extent of that damage yet. Glad no kids were on it! Well, the kids are itching to go back in to the pool. So that is where we will go. Pictures to be downloaded tonight when I come home. Yes, the power is back on… You really think we would be heading back if it wasn’t?!