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A Little about me…OK, a lot about me!

I seem to have a few new readers out there who are not related to me and do not know me from one of my many previous (and utterly embarrassing) lives. Welcome and let me introduce myself to you.

You know by now that I have three children whom I love dearly and yet drive me absofuckinglutely insane. Yep. Actually I was fine and normal until Alexander came along. He was the one to throw me over the edge. But he is so darned cute that whenever I want to yell at him I end up showering him with hugs and kisses. Not such a good idea I know. I can hear SuperNanny scolding me ever so quietly in my left ear. My youngest gets away with murder. My mother tells me so. This time I will allow myself believe her.

So here I am an aging Yummy Mummy who just banished her 9 year old up to the play room so she can have a minute to blog and read some emails. Alexander has passed out on the couch next to me. We did a lot of shopping in Westport. He was pretty good. Except at the Gap. Except at J.Crew. Except at Williams-Sonoma. Especially at Williams-Sonoma! Rebecca was a good kid. In her stores. Not in my stores because she can’t get anything in my stores. Has to be all about her. Sound familiar? Hey, maybe we are alike!

After wasting, I mean dedicating, the last 10 years to raising my lovely children who one day (hopefully) will become respectable and contributing members to society I am ready for a little Me Time. Is there anything wrong with that? I just have to figure out what I am going to do on my Me Time.

My taste in clothes is classic and timeless. My friends tell me I dress like Jackie O. But younger and hipper, of course. (I added that last part!) I prefer pearls over diamonds but would never balk at a diamond ring unless it was a Canardly. Nope don’t want one of those. Ev-ah! What’s a Canardly? It’s a stone that is so small you canardly see it! My personality is more like bubble gum and denim — old faded comfortable denim — the jeans that you probably should have tossed but are too comfortable to do so. I have been described as a cross between Elaine Bennis and Grace Adler. But I dance better than Elaine. And I like my drinks like Karen Walker!

My fashion advice is to always have a couple of pretty sweaters, classic jackets, and nice shoes. Accessories make the outfit. You can dress comfortably in your jeans and T-shirt around the house, then simply toss on a cute sweater and ballet flats when you want to walk out the door. People will coment on how you are always so put together. Little will they know. My other bit of advice comes to me from my good friend Lynne. My friend Lynne is a southern transplant. She went to Duke. She grew up with maids in French Maid outfits. Now she dresses like every day is a hike through the Maine woods. She is rebelling, I am sure. Yet, even while rebelling against her Southern Charm, she won’t ever leave the house without a coat of mascara. I thought her lashes were that dark and thick naturally! Just like some of you think my blond is natural! But I like her mascara trick. I like it a lot. So much that I am sharing with you!

I grew up in Manhattan and now live in a small Southeastern Connecticut town that has just one stop light, more cows than people and more farms than houses. We have no cell (phone) service at the house and share a high school with another town. But I ADORE it here. It is idyllic and bucolic and relaxed. There is no pretension, no hype, no keeping up with the Joneses. Kids can play outside and walk around and you don’t feel worried or threatened. This is where I want my kids raised. This is how I want them to experience their youth. It’s fast and scary world out there and they will encounter that soon enough. The best part of where I live is that I am just 15 minutes away from some great shopping!

Like many kids who grew up in the 70s and 80s we all had many embarrassing moments and hairstyles. I recently came across a slew of pictures and was horrified! But my funniest, and perhaps most embarrassing moment happened while I was living in Boston where I went to college. Ok, well truth be told the entire 4 years was one embarrassment after another. But we are only going to discuss one!

I had a really cute red Jetta. I also had a stereo that came out. Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s cars across the city were being broken into for their stereos. Mine was removable. Removable means it comes out. You were supposed to take it out when you were not driving. I didn’t learn my lesson. Until the 5th time. Ugh… Anyhow when stereo #3 or #4 was stolen I was (ohmygodicannotbelieveiamadmittingthis!) totally into Milli Vanilli. Girl you know it’s True! Blame it on the rain… or whatever you wanted to. But I loved ’em! So you can imagine how utterly insulted I was when the thieves smashed the window of my cute little Jetta, stole the stereo and removed my Milli Vanilli tape and left it there on the front seat on top of all the shattered glass. Girl I’m gonna miss you!

My most memorable (and favorite) car moment was a few years later when I had graduated from college, left Boston and was living in a town called Darien with 2 of my college friends. I was on my way home from visiting my parents in Rhode Island. I was in my new cute black Jetta not to be confused with Red Jetta. Red Jetta had gone to the great car graveyard in the sky. Did I tell you I never learned to remove my removable car stereos? Well yep… this time I learned the hard way. The thieves removed the radio and left all the live wiring dangling in the car. I was about to go to my then boyfriend’s house (we are so not going there — talk about bad memories and bad choices) when all of a sudden pouf! The car started filling up with smoke and the live wires had caught on fire… That was my 5th and final pull out stereo… sniff-sniff-sniff… she was a beautiful car… Anyhow, back to the black Jetta and my favorite car story ever of all time!

I was on I-95 near Lyme (now famous for a certain Deer tick disease) when the highway shut down due to an overturned truck. With nothing better to do than to listen to Jimmy Buffet and check out the cutie in the Honda Prelude and red baseball cap behind me. I am kind of a flirt. Can’t help it really. So I smiled at this cute dude in the red baseball cap. And he smiled back. And when it seemed that the traffic was never going to move again he got out of his car and came to talk to me! Me! He was even cuter up close! We chatted a few minutes and then it seemed like traffic was starting to roll again and he got in his car. Well it must have been a false alarm because we went no where and we went there fast. Red Cap came back over! I found out where he lived, where he went to undergrad and grad school. Ohmigod cute and smart! We had a lovely conversation when it looked like this time the traffic was indeed rolling. He said goodbye and got back in his car. I was so sad. I really liked this cute stranger in the Red Cap! We kind of drove around and followed each other along the highway, then as I was veering off to my exit he veered off with me! He pulled me over and had me roll down my window. So I did. He asked if I was doing anything that Wednesday night. I told him I had no plans. He invited me to go to the US Open (tennis) with him. I accepted! Right there and right then! I went to the US Open with someone I met on a highway! Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that fun! Well, we had a couple of dates but it didn’t work out. He was much older than me, a whopping 28, and had to put in all this time at work. I never saw him again. But I remember those events as though they were yesterday. They still bring a smile to my face.