I didn’t do anything today

Christopher has been in soccer camp all week. That leaves me with a 9 year old and an almost 3 year old. The 9 year old is waaaaayyyy harder to keep happy and entertain. Unless we are physically out of the house and spending money she is bored. We did not go shopping today (for her). We did not do anything “fun” so according to her we did nothing. Well, I’ll let her speak for herself.

Here’s the nothing I did:

5:00 wake up — Don has to shower and I am the world’s lightest sleeper… don’t even pretend you are because I am!
5: 30 drag oh so tired self out of bed and get coffee
5:33 (my guess) plunk down on couch with coffee and turn on news
6:00 Alexander comes pouncing in to the room like Tigger
6:02 (another guess) we go into the kitchen (after many hugs and kisses) for a sippy cup of milk
6:04 news shuts off and I find Blue’s Clues Boat Float on On Demand
6:40 Don is out the door
7:00 Rebecca is up and showered and dressed!
7:20 she is hungry
7:30 I warm up the French toast (made with raisin challah bread) I made the morning before.
7:35 wake Christopher up for soccer camp by shouting up the stairs
7:35:35 he comes down. Was already awake!
7:45 all three children sit to eat
7:50 Only Alexander is left at the table. He fiddles with his breakfast but doesn’t eat it so I excuse him.
7:52 I eat his French toast!!!! It was deelish!
7:52:35 (!!!) I clear the table (the kids are supposed to) and wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and wipe down the table
8:00 Make sure Christopher is dressed and I hop in the shower
8:15 I am done with the shower and come down and play on the computer
9:00 We are out the door
9:20 I drop Christopher off at soccer
9:25 I leave soccer and head to the grocery store
9:45 I am at the grocery store
10: 45 I am out of the grocery store. (Would have been a lot sooner had I not had the kids with me!)
11:00 We arrive home and put the groceries away.
11:15 Rebecca is hungry and I tell her to get her own snack!
11:30 I am back on the computer
11:31 Alexander wants me to read his Tractor Book. (I am so sick of his Tractor Book!)
11:32 He is goofing around and I get annoyed and hop back on the computer.
11:35 He says he will be good.
11:36 I am STARVING and need to eat before reading to him
11:37 I get up to make myself a sandwich and he throws a fit!
11:40 I am back and reading Christopher’s Little Airplane
11:42 Alexander is eating MY turkey sandwich!
12:00 I make lunch for Rebecca and Alexander. Of course Alexander does not want his!
12:15 Rebecca and Alexander go off to play together and I hop back on the computer?
?? I get up and toss a load in the dryer and a load in the wash
?? I bring the clothes from the dryer in to the family room to fold them
?? I finish folding and come back on my computer
2:30 I get ready to get Christopher
2:45 We leave the house
3:00 We get to soccer
3:30 We get back to the house
3:35 I transfer a sleeping Alexander on to the couch
3:36 I get Christopher a drink and a snack
3:37 I get out another load to fold and put another load in the wash
3:38 I leave the load in the basket and check out my emails and my blog!
?? I fold the laundry?
?? Rebecca wants a snack and I tell her to get an apple
?? I call Don to see when he will be home. I have to take Rebecca to ice skating and don’t want to have to deal with the boys coming with me!
?? I clean out Alexander’s room and strip his bed.
?? I clean Rebecca’s room and re-fold her clothes and clean her closet.
?? I make Christopher’s bed. His room is pretty tidy
?? I run Alexander’s sheets and bedspread down to the washing machine
4:30 Christopher is hungry and wants a sandwich
4:31 I make him a turkey and salami sandwich per his request
4:32 While I am making a sandwich the kids all snack on grapes and strawberries
5:00 Rebecca is hungry. I make her a peanut butter and honey sandwich to eat on the way to ice sating.
?? I am back on the computer!
5:30 I am out the door with Rebecca
6:00 We are at the rinks… I pay, help her with her skates and we head to the upstairs rink.
6:45 pick up a magazine
6:46 CAUGHT for not watching Rebecca’s every move!
8:00 We leave the rinks.
8:20 We arrive home. NEITHER boy has had dinner. Hubby is home watching TV. Arghhh
8:21 Heat up a can of soup.
8:30 Scoop out ice cream for the kiddos.
8:35 Check Alexander’s bed stuff — It’s still wet so I turn the dryer back on.
8:40 Send Christopher to the shower and bring Alexander up for bed?
8:41 Brush his teeth
8:45 Settle into his bed and read 2 books
9:00 Turn his lights off and sing him a song.
9:05 Rush down to grab the comforter in the dryer.
9:06 Sing a couple of songs
9:10 Tuck Rebecca and Christopher into their beds
9:15 I have some ice cream!
9:20 Do dishes, run dishwasher
9:25 Sweep kitchen and Family Rooms (Alexander is OBSESSED with vacuums and I do not want to rile him up!)
9:30 Swiffer (Wet Jet) kitchen and Family Room floors
?? Wipe down kitchen counters
?? Sit back down with my computer?
10:15 Come upstairs with a glass of water and a laptop
11:12 I Finish this post because I am tired!

And so there… there is everything I have not done today!
Tomorrow after I empty the dishwasher, make breakfast, tidy up, get the kids all ready and take Christopher to soccer I will take Rebecca to our local pottery painting store!