Mother of The Year!

As we were getting ready to leave the house to go back to school shopping this morning I noticed a big purple spot on Alexander’s chin. It most definitely was not there when he woke up. I thought he had gotten a hold of one of those fat purple Dot markers. He has done such before. I had all the art supplies in the kitchen and it didn’t appear as though any of it had been touched. The probability of a lone purple Dot marker in the play room was pretty high. I went to get a washcloth to clean the purple from Alexander’s chin. He kept saying “Ouch!” and it wouldn’t come off! That’s when Rebecca, my daughter who is only 9, remarked that it must be a bruise! A bruise from a fall last night! Alexander was sitting at the kitchen table and I assumed he slipped because he was not sitting in his chair properly. He cried when he fell and I assumed he was crying because I yelled at him. It hadn’t dawned on me that he had fallen on his chin. On the hard tile floor. It hadn’t dawned on me that he had gotten hurt! I discovered this a good bit before I saw him, scissors in hand with a mediumish sized clump of blond dangling off his shoulders!