I am such a DITZ!

my phone has been missing ALL day. i looked high and i look low. i looked everywhere a phone would go. finally i did something i should have done much earlier and hit the Pager button on the base of the charging stand. i heard the phone’s beep-beep-beeping and followed it… down to the basement and into the spare FRIDGE!!???

11 thoughts on “I am such a DITZ!

  1. He, he….I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is slightly crazy!!! 🙂 Lovin’ it!!!!!!!!

  2. I have left the remote control in the fridge! And…I shut the door to our pantry leaving the dog in there. She didn’t even bark!

  3. I have done that with milk and cerial. I will put the milk in the cabinet and the cerial in the fridge. Aren’t I brillant!?!?!?

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