Ida Noe

When your kids are younger they don’t really choose their own friends. Usually the friends come by associaton. Perhaps the parents are friends, or the nannies. During the younger years kids get thrown into together because the parents (mothers) have similar interests. The toddler friends often get tossed asside as preschool friendships develop. At this point they gravitate toward those children who like to play with similar toys. Both Rebecca and Christopher brought home their first real friends when they were in preschool. They made excellent choices. Rebecca befriended a little girl named Sophia who, like her mother, was long and lithe and lean. She was cute and funny and loved to do all the girly things that Rebecca loved to do. Sure Rebecca liked her toddler friends, a couple better than others, but Sophia was her first chosen friend. Then there was Annie. She was the little girl who lived in the house directly behind ours. It was a perfect friendship. We would pass the girls back and forth over the fence. Sometimes Annie was trouble. There were times both Becca and I needed a break. Happy to tell you she is well mannered and lovely 9 year old now. Sadly we don’t see them much anymore… but I digress…

Christopher had two very close little friends. Roman and Carson. They were a great boy trio who loved to rough and tumble and while full of energy and a bit crazy at times, these were good boys. Christopher did not like Joey. Joey never shared. And whenever Christopher brought a toy in for Show and Tell Joey would try to take it away. By the age of 3 kids know what they like and don’t like.

Alexander doesn’t have many real friends. He talks about “Serra” (Sierra) all the time. And sometimes he talks about Grace, Ellie and Avery. These are little girls he met in a toddler gym class. Notice the absence of boys? I became friendly with these mothers and Alexander was thrown into play groups with the girls. He did not mind. Never. Never objected. He loves Sierra. They play wonderfully together. But Alexander will start school on Wednesday. He has a very small class this year. Who will he play with? The girls? The boys? Both? Who will he ask to come over to play?

It will be interesting.

The kids, for the most part, have made excellent choices. The only exception is Ida. Ida Noe. You may have heard about Ida. Ida causes a lot of trouble around here. Ida dumps toys out in the bedrooms and hallways and doesn’t help to put them away. Ida leaves toothpaste residue in the sink. Ida forgets to flush. Ida sometimes misses. Ida spills milk and juice. Ida forgets to throw napkins away and put plates and cups in the sink. Ida leaves dirty socks and underwear on the floor. Ida throws stuff into the garbage and misses. The list goes on and on and on. As you can tell I am not a huge fan of Ida’s. I think Ida might have been raised by Wolves. So if something goes amiss in your house and you ask your kid(s) “What happened?” and “Who did this?” and they answer Ida Noe! Be afraid… be very afraid!