Don’t get caught with your pants down!

It seems, once again, I have bitten off more than I can chew. As head of the school’s Ways and Means Committee (Fundraising for the Parent’s Association) I have agreed to take on a wine tasting event. I agreed to this a few days ago. The event is scheduled to take place in November, before Thanksgiving. What the Hell have I just agreed to do? I know nothing about wine? I know I like to drink it… I know what I like… but I am by no means a wine expert. Ok, so assemble a committee of volunteers. Check. Well, it seems that the person I have put in charge is so gung-ho she is bamboozling everyone in sight. She is not afraid to ask for a damn thing. How I wish I was like that. You don’t ask, you don’t get. This is her motto. And so it seems that this pipeline dream of an idea will not only come to fruition but I think we are gonna have a damn successful event. Now we need to secure a venue. But Miss Don’t Ask and You Won’t Get is not afraid to walk up to people she doesn’t know and ask for a handout. Ya gotta love that! So we have people offering up golf clubs and restaurants for our little venue. We have people offering up wines and gift baskets. We have people offering to underwrite this and that. I think we are going to have a nice little (maybe even not so little) event on our hands. This my friends, is why it is important to surround yourselves with able, capable people. Surely the old saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” rings true here. It couldn’t possibly ring truer.

In addition to this I am also in charge of the (yawn) school’s wrapping paper drive. It’s that time of year! This one I have to manage single-handedly. I’m doing OK, I think…

So because I have offered every free and not free second of my day I found myself at school a little too long today. Alexander sat (loudly) through my morning meetings. We took off a little early to check out a venue for our wine tasting and then off to pick up the pottery the kids painted a few weeks back. And then to the book store for a story — They read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie — and a donut, chocolate milk (got sugar?) and some coffee (for me!) While at Borders Alexander had to go to the bathroom. As did I. So we went back upstairs to use the facilities. He went in one stall. I went in the other. I was in mid-stream when the little voice in the next stall cried out, in desperation, “Momma, I can’t do my button!” With no time for accidents and no change of clothes I told him to “hang on a sec!” I finished my business and ran out to help him. I understood his urgency so I hadn’t even bothered to pull my pants up fully. That’s when the door to the ladies room opened…

So mothers, this is another fine example of what we do for the love (and prevention of accidents) for our children!


7 thoughts on “Don’t get caught with your pants down!

  1. Ugh…I’m so feeling for you! Sounds like you have everything under control…except maybe those pants! πŸ˜‰

  2. LMAO!!
    as for the wine tasting– find a nice boutique-y wine shop and make friends w/ the owner– they’ll help you get it all figured out.

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