a peace of my mind

You don’t need to agree with me. I need to vent.

I’ve been laying low. I did not want to paste yet another picture of a plane flying in to a building. Or a building catching on fire and collapsing. As a child of the city I knew little about the WTC growing up. I did not know much about what went on in and around those buildings. I did know that those two towers were as monumental to my skyline as the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings and the many bridges that connected the island of Manhattan to the surrounding boroughs and New Jersey. Flying in to the city to see that all familiar skyline was reassuring. I was home. Driving over the Tri-Borough bridge at night to see the millions of lights glimmering in the horizon like the stars up in the Heavens (or heck, like diamonds at Tiffany’s) has always produced an immediate calm for me. I am proof that you can take the girl out of the city. But you can never take the city out of the girl.

I grew up an only child to two very goal oriented and successful parents. I was exposed to more arts and culture at a young age than most people have been exposed to in their life time. I was very comfortable in my grown up world and feel very fortunate to have had the childhood I did. I traveled a great deal and learned two languages. French and Spanish. I spoke French fluently from my early years. Later on I spoke Spanish proficiently. The world was my oyster — I had it in the palm of my hand.

Now as I have my own children I want for them much of what I had as a child. I want to educate them to be open minded and tolerant of everyone. I want them to give back to the community and, in essence, to do unto others as they would have done unto them. I want them to respect everyone. All creeds, races and religions. I am pretty certain that they do.

We lost our innocence 7 years ago. Something terrible and tragic happened. We were attacked for being open minded and free. For freedom of thought and speech. We were attacked in a most brutal and terrible way. What’s worse, Innocent people were attacked. People doing nothing but carrying on with their daily lives that beautiful September morning. The skies were blue. Bluer than I had seen in a long time. It was a crisp and quintessential September morn. And then it wasn’t. And in my backyard my skyline came tumbling down. And so had hopes and dreams and lives… enough about that. No need to rehash those terrible moments.

Now we are approaching a great moment in history. A new President will take office. We will travel in a new direction. Change at this point is good. Change is absolutely necessary.

I am not a terribly political person by nature. I do not really talk about politics. I’m not comfortable doing so unless with close friends. It makes me uncomfortable. Uneasy. More Republican than Democrat I do share ideals with both parties. Until a couple of weeks ago I was not entirely sure who I was going to vote for, though was leaning more toward the Republican Party. Then Obama picked his running mate. A wise and respectable choice. I waited to see who McCain would pick. He had a long list of candidates. Then a little known Alaskan Governor was elected. Not a big powerhouse I thought perhaps she would be a fresh air in DC. And then all these stories started to emerge. And then I started to do a little research.

And truth be told I am heart sick. Devastated over his choice of a running mate. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. It has nothing to do with not being able to mother her children. (Besides, what’s the difference, really, between a father as President and a mother? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.)

Why I am so completely sickened and worried for the sake of my country is because this woman is living in another era. Her narrow-minded thoughts are bringing us back in time and destroying all that we have worked for and strived for to make this nation what it is. To me these “litte” issues are just as important as our relations with other countries, just as important as our being a powerhouse in the free world, and just as important as putting an end to the war in Iraq, restoring peace and bringing our troops home.

I am worried about those things that fundamentally make us who we are. I do not want someone who would even so much as query about removing a book from a small town library. If you don’t want your own children to read a book then you take care of it. But don’t prevent me from doing so. I will parent my children as I see fit. I read one of the books Ms. Palin supposedly wanted removed. It was Go Ask Alice. I never turned in to a drug user. That particular book never made me want to go out and “experiment.” Instead it had the opposite effect. I loved that book and it lingered with me for many years in my youth. I am a writer and a reader. Freedom of Speech is our First Amendment. By “removing” books you are single-handedly violating our right to free speech. By violating our right to free speech you are doing what those Plane-Flying-Fucking-Cowards did. You are killing the American people and her spirit.

Homosexuality is not a fucking disease. Tuberculosis is. Leprosy is. Your church can not “cure” a homosexual. I have issues with that. Huge issues. Praying to your God is not going to make a man want to marry a woman if he is not biologically programmed to do so.

Abstinence is not the answer either. Look at your children. Teach them properly. Give them the tools they need so that they don’t get knocked up at 17. Don’t take away their childhood and livelihood. A trip to planned parenthood can save a bright future. Don’t add yet another person to that ever-growing poverty statistic. Put your daughters on birth control and let them get a good college education and become working, contributing members to society.

My biggest issue at hand is that someone who is going to run a country needs some foreign policy experience. How can a woman who obtained her first passport in 2007 possibly have enough experience to deal with complicated and delicate world affairs. My God, she’s never even met a dignitary.

I know Ms. Palin is not running for President. But the possibility of her becoming one is there. I can not have such a closed-minded person with such little experience and no worldliness whatsoever run my country. I can not.

When I vote now I vote not so much for myself but my children and their future. I want my children to grow up and make their own choices. Be they wright or wrong they will always be encouraged to make their own choices. I encourage them (with a little guidance, of course) to do so now. They will make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Nothing is so important a lesson in one’s life as the mistakes one makes and the lessons learned along the way.

If my daughter wants to read Go Ask Alice when she is in high school then she should. If she wants to write her own controversial book when she gets older, she should. If she accidentally gets pregnant while at Harvard Med School while comingthisclose to finding the Cure for Cancer what she wants to do with her fetus is HER choice. Not mine. Not the government’s.

If he lives that long… I can not imagine the fate of this country in incapable hands. How many more 9-11s will we have if this country is in incapable hands? It really, really terrifies me.

My vote was thisclose to being John McCain’s. But given his track record with melanoma, knowing that nothing is permanent and that he could potentially pass away while in office, I can not give this man my vote.

I am not looking at Parties here. I am thinking as an individual. I am thinking as a mother. As Americans we have to look across the Party lines and see the truth as clear as she is in front of our eyes.


26 thoughts on “a peace of my mind

  1. *standing and clapping*


    You nailed it.

    I lean Democrat anyway, but I truly truly agree.

    Nicely done.

  2. Oh my gosh… thank you ladies! After I hit the Publish Post button I was wondering if I should have been so vocal!

  3. thought provoking post. I’m still somewhere out in no man’s land trying to make up my mind and I’m glad to hear how others, who aren’t rabid Republicans or Democrats, made their decision.

  4. well said. the fact that my three year old has had a passport longer than this potential leader of the free world speaks volumes to me.

  5. I completely agree. I can’t vote but if I could it would NOT be for the Republican ticket on account of Palin alone. She is a woman from another time… archaic thinking that scares the crap out of me.

  6. thank you all… I was worried terribly about offending someone. But it seems that every intelligent person, across the board, no matter where they stand politically, is in agreement. No I am off to make my American as Apple Pie dinner, Tacos! πŸ˜‰

  7. You are so eloquent with your words. I absolutely agree with you. Anyone in this day and age who wants this country to take a step backwards, on anything, is truly a threat to what we as a nation stand for. I am proud of you for voicing your opinion on this when so many are not brave enough to do just that. Bravo Jessica.

  8. thanks so much Shannon… I was hoping to hear from some Palin supporters too and I am not. I don’t want anyone to bash me for my thoughts as I won’t belittle anyone else’s views, but I would like some sound information from those who do support Sarah Palin and why they do. Hoping more people will post here!

  9. I like your style, girl! I’m from a place filled with Palin-type thinkers. I grew up that way so I know what she is thinking, however, it is sad when you never discover how to think for yourself!

    p.s. I’m a new coffee drinker so I have never tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte – but I will now! That sounds amazing!!


  10. OK…here goes. I am going to comment. I have been hiding because I don’t agree (I am ducking now). I am not trying to stir anything up. You said you wanted to hear from Palin supporters, and here I am. πŸ™‚

    I am voting for McCain and Palin for several reasons. One being that I am pro-life. I cannot vote for anyone who is not. That is an issue near and dear to me and first on my list. No one will ever change my mind on that. Second…McCain has a tremendous amount of experience with military issues. Some may say he is war happy and I suppose I can see that. But I want someone to defend my country and know how to do it. To me, Obama doesn’t know the military. Has he ever served in a branch of the military? Seriously…I am not sure if he ever has. I’m not being smug. πŸ™‚

    I have always been a conservative person. My mother always told me that I was born in the wrong era. I grew up doing things by the book and the old fashioned way. It’s just me. I am a practicing Catholic. I am not a “cafeteria Catholic” and pick and choose what I want to believe in and stand for. If I am going to say I am Catholic, then I will be Catholic in every sense of the word. That is why Palin is a perfect fit for me. For every issue you mentioned, I agree with her stance. My religious belief is my reasoning for that.

    ….quoting you….”My biggest issue at hand is that someone who is going to run a country needs some foreign policy experience. How can a woman who obtained her first passport in 2007 possibly have enough experience to deal with complicated and delicate world affairs. My God, she’s never even met a dignitary,”

    Obama does not have much of this experience, either. Are you banking on the fact that McCain will die soon? I know he is old, but you don’t know that for sure. All of this is hypothetical.

    I really love reading your blog and I hope this doesn’t piss you off. πŸ™‚ I did not want to stir things up and still don’t. I just wanted to let you know that I am here, this is what I believe, and this is why. Will you still be my friend? πŸ™‚ Check yes or no….

  11. mandy… of course I understand! I want to hear all sides! I may not agree, but I want to listen and maybe I will see somehting from a different point of view!

    You can stop sweating ;)!!!

  12. oh and by the way, Thank you so much for having the gumpshin (is that how it is spelled?!) to speak up!!!

  13. My parents raised me to not discuss politics, religion or sex. These conversations make me wildly uncomfortable. I feel like all three of these topics are intensely personal. I will NEVER change your mind. You will NEVER change my mind. Each of us has a completely different life experience that has led us to where we are now. It is pointless for us to waste time trying to sway the other. All that being said, I feel like my country has become a frightening place. The country that my grandfather fought to preserve in World War II, no longer exists. We have become a country that engages in torture. We have become a country that wages optional wars. Our moral compass has been smashed. Our current direction makes me deeply sad. The fact that our election process no longer involves debating actual issues, but instead has become a 2 year back and forth about non-issues between two talking heads on “news” programs. It makes me sad that there are enough people that will vote a person into office, knowing full well that the person probably is not qualified, based on their personal beliefs on abortion. Is this really the best that our country has to offer at this point? Really? What have we become?

  14. Mama Baaa,

    I am neither trying to change anyone’s mind nor am I going to change my mind. But I do like to hear everyone’s opinions. As I mentioned in my post I am not really comfortable writing about this sutff, but I was saddened and angered and feel that there are so many principles here. Listen to the media. Don’t listen to the media. We all do what we need to do. I was blogging as a coping mechanism. I was venting. And, as I also stated I do not expect everyone to agree.

    These “wars” are not WWI nor WWII. As a descendant of German Jews I appreciate that to no end.

    The villains are different these days. Unfortunately the villains loom large and we have lost our focus.

    In all sincerity, thank you so much for voicing your opinion.

  15. I am so sorry. I was not saying that you should not express your opinion! That was not my intention AT ALL!! I read your blog every day and enjoy it completely. I was just shocked to see you talking about politics. My comments were not directed at you, but at some of the posts about your post. I guess I was venting about my sadness at the direction our country has taken in my lifetime. I deeply feel that we have lost our way and it saddens me. Again, I apologize for offending you, that was not my intention at all.

  16. Mama Baa,

    AS I said before… I am THANKFUL that you expressed your opinions! Really, truly!

    Stop by later… hopefully I will have something new (and semi funny and semi witty!)

  17. Very well stated Jess!!! I agree with several of the issues you stated and agree that it would be taking a step backward. Kudos for speaking your mind! πŸ™‚ You rock!

  18. “A trip to planned parenthood can save a bright future”

    This one comment saddens me greaty. What happened to accountability and taking responsibility for our actions. Also, I do believe a bright future can still be had WITH an unplanned child.

  19. Hey Jana,

    sorry to hear you are saddened….

    Based on your accountability / responsibility argument let’s also condemn the following for their actions and the related consequences.

    Smokers who get cancer…they should have known better.

    Fat and obese people … they could just stop eating right?

    Injured soldiers…they knew what they were getting in to right? and after all they were getting paid.

    Flood, hurricane and earthquake victims….after all they are the ones who chose to live in risky areas.

    You see, life is not so black and white as you might like. Those that have only the two realities of daylight or sticking their head in the sand, never appreciate the shades of gray between light and darkness.


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