Do You Twitter?

I was having a Twittering conversation with some friends the other day… some use it some do not. Some think it is downright creepy. Well I decided to try it out. I Twittered two words. Sarah Palin. My eyes landed on a Twitterer who had “just two words to describe” her. Those two words were Lens Crafters and Massengill. Come on you HAVE to laugh at that!
Sorry my posts haven’t been more creative… sorry I haven’t been spewing wit and genius lately. I have been busy in my single parenting-chauffeuring-cooking-nursing-yadda-yadda-yadda life. Now I have a massive Migraine no thanks to lovely female hormones, I am sure. (Though it could be all the wine I consumed last night.) And I have to accompany Alexander and his preschool class to the fire station for their first field trip. Then schlep all the kids to Rebecca’s skating lesson after school. It is 7:49 in the morning and I am wishing this day to be over. Egads!

6 thoughts on “Do You Twitter?

  1. I’m sorry, I’ve never even heard of twittering. Is it something that’s done up north, as I’m from way down south. So, don’t know if I’ve done it or not. 🙂

    I hope you end up having a good day, rather than one that leaves you feeling completely frazzled. Hang in there!

  2. Twittering, I have come to learn, is not all that different than GOogling. Except people can follow you, your website, blog, etc… I really have no desire to Twitter (that sounds funny!!!) but I wanted to try it and that name was the first thing that came to mind. I could have easily Twittered McCain or Obama or Jessica Simpson for that fact. But I Twittered Sarah Palin. And boy did those two words get laughing!

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