Fun Halloween Craft for all ages!

I love this craft. It’s fun, simple, different and the end result is spectacular. What’s best is that children of all ages (2+) will delight in making their own Jack-O-Lantern Luminary.

You can find most of the necessary tools in your home, and if not at your local arts and crafts store, drug store and florist.

You’ll need one small and inexpensive floral vase. Check your basements and attics. These are the kinds that Teleflora send their smaller floral bouquets in. You may find that you have dozens of these!

You’ll need a large paint brush. I actually prefer the foam variety for this craft.

You’ll need some orange tissue paper that you will cut up into squares and some black construction paper cut into three triangles.

Finally you will need some Mod Podge or other craft glue that dries clear and acts as a glue as well as a varnish.


Using your brush paint a section of the vase with your craft glue. Paste the cut out pieces of orange tissue over the glue making sure that there is no clear glass showing through. It is fine for the tissue paper to overlap. It makes a really pretty effect. Paint over all the tissue paper again with the glue. When the vase is covered with tissue paper and glue apply the three black triangles so that they resemble two eyes and a mouth. Paint over those as well. Let dry overnight.

When your luminary is dried you can either place a small tea light in the center or a battery operated votive.

Note: Your fingers will get dirty and glue-y and sticky. This is fine. This is perfect to ensure that every piece of tissue paper is properly covered. Your younger child (2 or 3 year old) may only have the patience to cover half of the vase so you may want to finish it up for him.
Happy Hauntings!


10 thoughts on “Fun Halloween Craft for all ages!

  1. I love this! We’re going to do this at our house this weekend. Much safer than giving a three year old pumpkin carving tools. (or 11 and 13 year olds).

  2. and your 11 and 13 yo will love this too!

    Actually we have kid-friendly carving tools and we do let R and C use them.

  3. I’m stealing this idea! I love it. We’ve done something similar at Christmas. I used baby food jars and multicolor tissue paper.

  4. what a great project! i am babysitting a friend’s 2 year old today and i’m going to do this with him and grayson while EC naps. i bought all of the supplies at walmart–the vases were only 77 cents! can’t wait to see how they turn out! thanks for the idea! 🙂

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