Meet Andy

Andy is Alexander’s class Guinea Pig.
Isn’t his resemblance striking?

And was named for the above Andy as the kids study all about the artists this year. At the moment the children are learning about Edvard Munch, and, fitting as it is with Halloween approaching, they are learning about The Scream.

Andy (the Piggy!) needed a home for the long weekend. He is an absolute love and such a doll. We all love having him here. The kids especially. And while they would love one of their very own, unfortunately their allergies won’t allow for such. Perhaps he’ll come for a visit again later on in the school year. Meantime we’ll have fun with him and enjoy him while he is here!

Rebecca made a house for Andy!

Fireman Alexander is taking a break from fighting fires to play with Andy.

Oh, No! Andy’s house is on fire! Fire fighter Alexander to the rescue!

Andy goes shopping!

Andy goes to school!


9 thoughts on “Meet Andy

  1. That has to be the cutest, most adorable little creature I’ve ever seen! Enjoy your weekend with Andy! 🙂

  2. What a cutie, love the hair! The firefighter outfit is great too. Is that what he’s going to be for Halloween?

  3. OMG. This is the cutest post I’ve read in a long time. I am laughing my ass off over Andy goes to school!!!! I love it!

  4. Annie, can you imagine just how gentle he is to let us do any of that stuff to him?! I wonder what we will come up with tomorrow?!

  5. Gotta love class pets. We once kept my brother’s GT class pet – a huge iguana named Ichabod (as in Crane) – all summer. It ate cat food and stayed in a great big tank in the basement. I remember the day he got out and we broke his tail trying to catch him!

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