Nature in Art

My Not So Artisitc One made these wonderful pictures using simply the twigs and sticks from our back yard. His brother and sister were busilly Crafting at the table and he came up with and created these. He randomly placed the sticks on the white paper and painted and glued them to the paper with Mod Podge (the same product I used for the pumpkin luminaries). The only things missing are a couple of frames!

This craft is so super easy and can be done by anyone. These pictures would also make lovely gifts at Christmastime for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles!

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5 thoughts on “Nature in Art

  1. Sorta — but the Mod Podge is more than just glue and is what gives everything it’s lustrous shine. So the end effect is actually quite pretty. I guess the glossiness didn’t translate so well in the photograph. It’s the same stuff I used in the pumpkin craft (and many other crafts) that acts as a glue as well as a varnish.

  2. Ahhh… gotcha. Sounds lovely! Can’t get Mod Podge here (shocking, hey?) but I wonder if we could do it with white glue…

  3. Kimmy, I am sure you can find a craf glue there that dries shiny and clear like varnish. It works wonderfully on fall leaves of different colors too. Perhaps we’ll go leaf picking tomorrow!

  4. Awesome, you know me and nature get along just dandy. We’re going hiking tomorrow so if we come home with “souvenirs” I’ll know just what to do.

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