Enough Already… One week and Counting!

This election is a lot like pregnancy. It has been painful at times (excruciatingly so) and way, way, way too long. Like obstetricians poking and prodding much too frequently for nine very long months, the media pokes and prods our presidential and vice presidential candidates. Look, it’s no secret where I stand politically these days. (Though truth be told neither candidate is ideal.) But what I heard on the news yesterday morning was appalling, disgraceful.

Somehow I was able to escape the antics of Blue and Joe, Max and Ruby and tune into what I believe was an NBC station. Good Lord help me if my folks over at Morning Joe stooped this low… but someone was actually interviewing the second hand shop where Ms. Palin and her daughters shop. And whoever this interviewer was (I was in the bathroom trying to do my hair) actually had the audacity to ask how much Ms. Palin and her daughters spent on their shopping sprees there. How completely and utterly tacky is that? Gauche, as my grandmother would have said. Delving into her personal-political life is one thing. Delving into her clothes shopping habits when there is nothing wrong with them is something else completely. (In fact, by shopping at a second hand store she is indeed recycling.)

No one made fun of Hilary while her husband ran for office. And they should have. Boy should they have. When her husband was elected Mrs. Clinton had a complete and total transformation. (Thank Goodness.)

I am sure this stupid, complete waste of time interview was all a result due to the latest gossip about the Alaskan Governor trading in her second hand clothes for the haute couture and high price tags of Saks Fifth Avenue and Needless Markup, er, I meant to say Neiman Marcus… If Obama can spend (waste) millions on his campaign then for crying out loud let the woman dress nicely. If someone is willing to shell out some money for some good quality clothing then let them. Mrs. Palin doesn’t do too terribly badly on her own. She just needs a little fine-tuning.

I only wish, perhaps, that someone would afford her a nice stylist because, come on, this beehive doo-op thing has to go. And her Lens Crafters should get tossed into the trash. Unless she will no longer be able to see Russia from her bedroom window. In that case, she should keep them.

While we are on the complete opposite sides of the political spectrum (I being on the North Pole and she being on the South) I have to admit she is a very attractive and bright woman. She’d be stunning if we added some highlights and contacts. Her suits are too stuffy indicating that she is less Maverick than she would like to admit. So whoever the new stylist is, if you are by chance reading this, I think Sarah needs a little color and sparkle under her suits. And really, one can dress quite conservatively without dropping tens of thousands of dollars an outfit. I think Sarah would look quite well in a nicely tailored Calvin Klein pantsuit, or an elegant Ralph Lauren (doesn’t have to be Black Label) suit in black or charcoal grey worn over a pretty hot pink cashmere (or even lavender!) sweater and some pearls. Pearls are stylish and the perfect accessory. I just implore that she stay away from my J. Crew!

She needs to veer a little bit away from her comfort zone. Look we all know she is one sexy broad, so play up those attributes. A little sex appeal never hurt anyone. And obviously, they’ve brought Ms. Palin a long way. There is nothing wrong with a soft, sexy hockey mom.

In a week her 15 minutes of fame will be over. Let her go out in style!