Look Who Stopped by for Breakfast This Morning!

Doe, Hart and Stag stopped by to much on our plants (grrrrr &*&@#!!) this morning. They spotted me trough the French doors but weren’t the least bit intimidated. I really like the bottom picture — a shame that the sun was shining right at me. Would have been lovely with snow on the ground. And the tree dressed in lights. Might have made a nice Christmas card!

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Meet Andy

Andy is Alexander’s class Guinea Pig.
Isn’t his resemblance striking?

And was named for the above Andy as the kids study all about the artists this year. At the moment the children are learning about Edvard Munch, and, fitting as it is with Halloween approaching, they are learning about The Scream.

Andy (the Piggy!) needed a home for the long weekend. He is an absolute love and such a doll. We all love having him here. The kids especially. And while they would love one of their very own, unfortunately their allergies won’t allow for such. Perhaps he’ll come for a visit again later on in the school year. Meantime we’ll have fun with him and enjoy him while he is here!

Rebecca made a house for Andy!

Fireman Alexander is taking a break from fighting fires to play with Andy.

Oh, No! Andy’s house is on fire! Fire fighter Alexander to the rescue!

Andy goes shopping!

Andy goes to school!

Fun Halloween Craft for all ages!

I love this craft. It’s fun, simple, different and the end result is spectacular. What’s best is that children of all ages (2+) will delight in making their own Jack-O-Lantern Luminary.

You can find most of the necessary tools in your home, and if not at your local arts and crafts store, drug store and florist.

You’ll need one small and inexpensive floral vase. Check your basements and attics. These are the kinds that Teleflora send their smaller floral bouquets in. You may find that you have dozens of these!

You’ll need a large paint brush. I actually prefer the foam variety for this craft.

You’ll need some orange tissue paper that you will cut up into squares and some black construction paper cut into three triangles.

Finally you will need some Mod Podge or other craft glue that dries clear and acts as a glue as well as a varnish.


Using your brush paint a section of the vase with your craft glue. Paste the cut out pieces of orange tissue over the glue making sure that there is no clear glass showing through. It is fine for the tissue paper to overlap. It makes a really pretty effect. Paint over all the tissue paper again with the glue. When the vase is covered with tissue paper and glue apply the three black triangles so that they resemble two eyes and a mouth. Paint over those as well. Let dry overnight.

When your luminary is dried you can either place a small tea light in the center or a battery operated votive.

Note: Your fingers will get dirty and glue-y and sticky. This is fine. This is perfect to ensure that every piece of tissue paper is properly covered. Your younger child (2 or 3 year old) may only have the patience to cover half of the vase so you may want to finish it up for him.
Happy Hauntings!

Meggie, Joe and I

Yesterday morning I met my friend Meggie at Starbucks. We got the two big club chairs over by the window and settled down with our coffees. I am sure you all know what kind I ordered. She ordered the same. For two hours we gabbed on and on and on. We barely came up for air. Meggie is the kind of girl who keeps you laughing. Like me she is often an embarrassment to herself. We can relate to one another incredibly well. We share similar embarrassing stories. I may walk out of bathroom stalls with my pants half up in attempt to help my preschooler in the next stall get his down while Meggie’s wrap skirt completely unwraps. In public. I mean, isn’t that just so me? Isn’t it! We paused a few seconds here and there to breathe and to empty our aging bladders. “Isn’t it interesting,” she asked “That now, when you do jumping jacks you have to pee all the time?” Interesting indeed. We were talking about our trips to the gym. Or lack thereof. We talked of our treadmills collecting dust and being used as clothing racks. We talked about our rapidly expanding waistlines as we sipped our 500 calories lattes. We talked about Weight Watchers and Caramel Apple cookies. We talked about careers and the new ones we would start as our kids grew. We talked about Donnie Deutsch who hosts a wonderful business program called Out of the Box. We talked not about new business strategies and getting them off the ground, but instead, we talked about Donnie’s boyish good looks and his handsome physique. Which got us over to another NBC affiliate and the ever so handsome and ever so dreamy Joe Scarborough. Meggie first introduced me to Joe years ago when he hosted his nighttime news program, Scarborough Country. I used to stay up late at night for him. Now that he has his Morning Joe I get up extra early for him. His new program is much better. His cohorts are pretty cool themselves. Willie’s great. Mika rocks. And she’s pretty and smart. But she’s not Joe. Nobody is Joe. Joe’s a Republican. Did you know that? He’s a Republican who likes to bash Republicans. Isn’t that just so sexy? He is way to sexy for his shirt. Anyhow, as a Republican swinging the other way, I can truly appreciate him. And since Meggie and I were talking about Joe and Mika and Willie, of course we started talking about politics. And of course the subject of You Know Who came up. And we decided that we should vote for her.

Seriously, Why?

Why did I go to Target? Why?
Like my middle needs any more expanding…
Because they are new… because I have to try everything new?
Because they make the most UNBELIEVABLE Caramel Apple cookies!
Because I will make many more UNBELIEVABLE things I suspect?
Because I have a fat and lazy ass…
Speaking of fat and lazy asses…
I am officially The Lazy Ass Housewife.
As I sit here with my laptop on my lap, glass of wine to my left and a scrumdidly-umptious Caramel Apple cookie in my right hand (very hard to type!) my kitchen is vacuuming itself. Well, sorta!

My Roomba was given to me as a gift from my lovely, thoughtful and romantic husband a few years ago. It really is wonderful. Right now it is busily cleaning my kitchen, without me! It really does a great job. What’s more it entertains the kids! It’s like a pet. A pet that you don’t have to feed. A pet that doesn’t poop! A pet you don’t have to clean up after!
Maybe I’ll get a Scooba for Christmas this year! (It mops!)

Kiss me Lova!

Meet my Pumpkin Spice Kiss! Isn’t he cute? And sooo yummy too! If you love your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte as much as I do, but don’t love all the calories (380 for a GWPSL) then you will die over this! Same yummy pumpkin spice flavor. But, only 220 calories for 9 Kisses! That’s just a tad more than 25 calories per Kiss! It just doesn’t get better than that… now I just have to try this concoction of adding a couple of these to my coffee as mentioned by Keri.

I think we need a Pumpkin Spice Lovers Club… What to you all think?

Ps. These too were found at the Great Tarjay! I had looked everywhere locally I could imagine and this was the only place that had them.

Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday already. I can hardly believe it! Another week almost over. Another month down. Tis the season for ghosts and ghouls and goblins. The kids are all ready to get their costumes and go to the basement and dust off (first we have to find the box!) their Halloween supplies. They love Halloween as much as Christmas. I have to admit that I do too!
The kids had no school yesterday. It was Rosh Hashana. I guess (in Connecticut) it has become a national holiday. I never had it off as a kid. I was happy they had it off yesterday, though. What was supposed to be an overcast and dreary day turned out to be nothing less than spectacular. I guess we were not the only people who thought it would be a perfect day to pick apples and pumpkins. The line of cars trying to get into the farm down the road was incredible. So incredible that we bagged that idea altogether. Instead we went to the sand castle playground down by the beach and then went out for ice cream afterwards. I had pumpkin ice cream! It was divine… as good (maybe better!) than my Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

Not only did we have a great day but somehow it ended up being an extremely productive one as well. I got beds and sheets changed. I managed and updated my excel spreadsheet for the wrapping paper fundraiser for school. I did laundry. I put laundry away! I ran the dishwasher. I put the dishes away! I cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed the floor — Admittedly that was because somehow a bowl of raisin bran ended up on the floor!

We lounged in after a very late night at a Japanese restaurant the night before. Our friend’s daughter was celebrating her 7th Birthday and a few families were invited. We had our own, private room and the kids could be kids without having to be totally quiet and sit completely still. My boys had never been to a Japanese restaurant before and they adored it! They adored everything about it from the chef’s fancy knife-work, to the fire, to the way the food was cooked to the food itself!

And the adults had a wonderful time too. It was a good thing that yesterday was a holiday as we did not get home until after 10:00! Christopher, who is not a terribly big fan of restaurants (and Mickey D’s and Friendly’s are NOT — in my book — restaurants!) loved the food so much he ate everything off his plate and then finished what his brother had not eaten! On our way out he told me that he wanted his Birthday dinner there too!
Yesterday we pulled out all the Peanuts videos. I need to get them on DVD, right now they are the old VHS variety. We have one working VHS player and hooked it up to the family room TV. The kids enjoyed It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas. As my friend Lynne said when I told her this, “Nothing says Happy Rosh Hashana like A Charlie Brown Christmas!”

And since today is the first day of October, I think the holiday season is officially upon us! Off to the races!