Proud to be an American

Well, the day is here. The day is finally here. We’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And in my opinion, too damn long. Everyone is so charged up. There are cheers and jeers all around. We’ve become a nation divided. And you know what? That makes me sad? Of course we all have different views, needs, desires and interests but that’s what makes us what we are. That’s what makes us American. I have never seen such a bunch of Nervous Nellies out there. Okay, well maybe 4 years ago. And 8 years ago. And so on and so on and so on. And maybe my candidate will win. And maybe yours will. But I know this. I know we are a country that celebrates freedom and hope. And if Obama wins we will not implode. And if McCain wins we will not implode. The President may run our country but He alone can not rule it. Our Constitution and our Government were created for the people by the people. Let’s have some faith in our people that whatever happens He (and They) can do the right thing. I am sick of all this McCain bashing. I am sick of all the Obama bashing. What happens happens and we should not go home feeling sad or sorry for ourselves if our candidate doesn’t win. I do not like all this negativity that is surrounding this election. I do not like the negativity that my children are hearing that is surrounding this election. We need to remember that we should be so very grateful that we indeed can go out and cast a vote and make a change. And we should never ever forget this and we should never ever take this privilege for granted. So, may the Best Man win… and even if he doesn’t, the winner will have my support because I am an American and we all are Americans and we will stand taller and freer and prouder if we all band together.
So go cast your vote then head over to the local Starbucks and get your free coffee!

8 thoughts on “Proud to be an American

  1. Hear hear!!! and thank you for the Starbuck’s info…if more people knew that the get out the vote push would be even MORE successful! πŸ™‚

  2. I missed the Starbucks opportunity this morning after I voted. I had to run home to tag BP so he could go vote. He was on kid duty while I got up and out at 6:00am. I still have my sticker on and plan to run by there this afternoon, hoping they are still serving coffee! πŸ™‚

    Well written, BTW. I think we all will be glad when this comes to a close. Then, we can focus on more things like football. And food. And Milli Vanilli. πŸ™‚

  3. Well said. I’m just pleased to have two decent enough candidates that I actually had to make a decision, instead of just voting against someone.

  4. Great post, Jess!!! My polling place was out of stickers (couldn’t go until this evening) so no free coffee for me…not that I would want it this late, anyway! πŸ™‚

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