Spectacular Painted Pumpkins

I am reposting this because I do not think that the last post and photos did any justice

Here are her directions!

For the glittered pumpkins at school, I used Martha’s glitters in Green Agate, Copper and Antique Silver. Honestly, the glitter pumpkins are easy and fast. I did 1/2, let it dry, then the other half. Once they were dry, I finished it with the Glaze so it wouldn’t “shed” glitter too badly. My tips would be to do them in a box and on sheets of wax paper so you can re-claim and re-use your glitter. It can get messy otherwise. I never actually watched Martha’s video, so I’m not sure how she did it. I used a wax sheet as a funnel and worked between 2 sheets per pumpkin with the pumpkin set in the box.For the painted ones, I used Delta Ceramcoat in Light Ivory for the pumpkin, Folk Art Acrylic paints in Asphaltum for the handles, Metallic Peridot and Metallic Antique Copper for the stenciling. I then finished them with Folk Art Clearcote Hi-Shine Glaze in the Brilliant Finish (it’s an aerosol can). I also played around with the combo of colors, but only used what is listed above. The metallic green body pumpkin was the same paint I used for stenciling on the others. The painted pumpkins take about 2 days because you need drying time and the final glaze really needs 24 hours to cure. But, there is room to be a little more creative. I did find that since the pumpkin is curved and grooved, using an actual stencil was difficult. (I tried brushes, sponges, etc) but could never really get good sharp edges. I ended up copying the stencil in pencil onto the pumpkin and then basically going over that with the paint. Some of them were just easier to freehand. to Kim’s Spectacular Painted Pumpkins. I am reposting better pictures… same directions!


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