Happy ThanksGIVING (away!)

As I continue working on my blog & home… both new and improved, I hope! I wanted to say thanks… thanks to my friends old and new and those whom I know IRL… for stopping by and reading… for laughing and crying with me… for supporting me along the way. Because we all know by now how much I love my Red Cups and Starbucks’ ever-so-delicious-and-ever-so-sinful lattes, because everyone knows how much of a pick me up they are even on the downest of days, I am GIVING AWAY a $10 STARBUCKS GIFT CARD! It’s my way of saying thanks.

So, in order to be eligible you must post a comment telling my just why you havehavehave to win this card and link/mention me on your blog if you have one! Anyone can play! The drawing will be picked by Rebecca who will pick all names out of a jar… the deadline for this contest will be a week from today (Thanksgiving) and the winner will be notified via email and announced here. Look folks, I’m not married to Daddy Warbucks so I am starting small. Perhaps we could get the Starbucks company to fund a regular giveaway…anyone know any BigWigs over there?!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!




7 thoughts on “Happy ThanksGIVING (away!)

  1. I hope your giveaway goes wonderfully, Jess! I love reading your blog (but won’t enter your contest, as those lovely gift cards aren’t valid here.)

  2. Lucky Me, Sarah and Dori… your comments never made it over here, but be sure to know you are in the runnig!

  3. The Peppermint Hot Chocolate or my new favorite Hazelnut Hot chocolate are the very reasons why you want to give me this card. I usually run through Starbucks on my way to the park so I can have delicious yumminess while the children frolic.


  4. Hey Jess- the new blog looks great. Love starbucks, could really use one right now, but we’re still in quarantine, so no such luck.

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