A few of my favorite Christmas things!

I love everything fabout the holidays rom the aromas of the balsams and firs, baking, to the sights, and decorations, listening to thebells jingling, the songs and carolers, the parties and decorating my home…. what are some of the things that you (or your kids) love best about this time of year?


6 thoughts on “A few of my favorite Christmas things!

  1. Christmas music, Christmas cookies, twinkley lights, reading Christmas books with my kids, the Grinch, midnight Mass, visiting neighboring towns for Holiday strolls and celebrations, decorating the tree while sipping egg nog….. 🙂

  2. Doesn’t Harry live near you??? Do you listen to HIM or to his album at Christmas???

    You’ve got me all worked up about Christmas stuff I can’t have…
    But yesterday I stumbled across an American fundraiser– selling candy canes! Whoo! So, we’ve at least got those!

  3. Harry doesn’t live too far actually… a good friend of mine just saw in him concert in NYC and he sang with his daughter!! She said it was incredible and I am insanely jealous!

    Christmas is a state of mind… you can make your own Xmas … with decorations and cooking… download some Xmas songs! My grandmother never had a evergreen as her Xmas tree but decorated other trees… it was just as spectacular! Later I will post my home made ornament craft idea for you!

  4. Last night after the kids had their baths and were in their blanket sleepers, we threw their coats on and put them in the car and drove around to look at all of the Christmas lights that families put up this weekend. They loved just looking at them all. It was so much fun just hearing them react to the lights. They went to sleep so peacefully. Too cute.

  5. I LOVE that HC Jr. christmas CD…its wonderful!

    I love that Mason gets as excited as I do/did about Christmas….just having him help me hang up the ornaments on the tree was so much fun! I LOVE peppermint. Seriously, anything peppermint! I love that Bath and Body Works has their Twisted Peppermint candles/body wash/lotion etc. out. LOVE IT! I love the snow falling and looking at christmas lights.

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