Cappuccinos and red and green m&ms…

I’ve converted the kitchen table to become my new desk. My second desk. Because my real desk is too small and has too much crap on it. A mess of catalogs and pens. Alexander’s artwork is piled so high it is teetering… on the verge of falling over, creating more of a mess. I also have 2 small Starbucks bags on it. One has two pounds of ground (for paper, flat bottom) Christmas blend coffee and the other has three kid-sized travel coffee mugs. Because Alexander really wants one. I mean really. He asks for one every time we go into Starbucks. So the lovely young lady working the register managed to sneak and wrap three in tissue paper without Alexander seeing… these will go in their stockings… lordy hoping that Rebecca will not read this post! My nearly 10-year old still believes in old Saint Nick. She’s a master Dreamer. Just like her mommy. But I do not want to shatter her dreams. Not now. Not when she is 20.  So my believer is costing me a lot of money. She wants a baby doll from FAO Schwartz… a $100 doll. And she’s done for. I’ve already purchased all her gifts. But now she wants this doll. Really wants it. Wrote all about it in her letter to Santa. So now what? Santa doesn’t disappoint, does he? Guess the old man in red and I will have to work something out!

So here I sit taking a break from addressing Christmas cards. Got ’em ordered nice and early this year. We moved and half of our friends have no idea where to find us, so that was one incentive, the other was that last year we managed to get out about 10. And just to family. We failed miserably. This year I was determined to get my cards out on time. So I ordered them from Tiny Prints before Thanksgiving. I used photos I had taken over the summer. We even bought stamps early. So this morning as I listened to Christmas carols on the radio (They play 24/7 the entire month of December. I love it!) and ate red and green m&ms and sipped my home-made cappuccino I started addressing my cards. And put stamps on them. Then, after I picked Alexander up from school this morning, I let him put the cards (about 50) in the mailbox at the post office. And it was not until a few  minutes ago that it dawned on me… I forgot to put the return address stickers on the envelopes! Ugh… how could I have done such a thing. So, if you are one of my yearly card recipients and you have not received your card in the next week, please let me know… Ugh… I can’t believe that I did such a stupid thing!

Meanwhile I sit and stare and marvel at just how wonderfully my dining room turned out! Now we are waiting for swatches from Pottery Barn for the drapes. The living room is now in a state of disaster. Not really. But is in repair. It’s a mess. I think it will take a good bit longer. And the guys left this morning to do an outside paint job since the weather is good. They were here for three hours. I want my room finished. Now. Today! I want to host holiday parties! I am not a patient person! OK, enough whining… back to the envelopes AND placing the return address labels on them!





Living Room… Under Wraps!

The Living Room under wraps!


7 thoughts on “Cappuccinos and red and green m&ms…

  1. Looks great! I have to say, I had my doubts about blue for a dining room, but it looks wonderful. You’ll have to share pics when the drapes are up.

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