Got buttons? Got a craft!


Alexander was feeling rather crafty today. More specifically he wanted to use the glue. I’m low on lots of my basic supplies so we went hunting around for things we could glue… that’s when we found some buttons. Lost and lonely buttons. Perfect for gluing! I thought the buttons would make cute ornaments on a Christmas tree. So we made a paper tree. I got a piece of green (our last!) construction paper and folded in half and then cut out a triangle. Then I cut the divots to resemble branches. When the triangle was unfolded it looked like a Christmas tree indeed! We glued our tree on to a piece of black (Alexander’s choice) construction paper and then I let him glue the buttons (even a couple of pennies!) on to the tree. Our tree was missing something. It needed some snow! So I let Alexander paint some snowflakes on to the tree and background using Liquid Paper. He said the tree needed some presents. I found some stickers that looked like presents. He was very pleased with his picture!

To do this you will need:

Construction paper, two pieces (any color)
A handful of odd buttons
Some Elmer’s Glue
A jar of liquid paper (or other correction fluid) — white paint will do, of course!
Stickers if desired
And anything else your child would like to add to his picture!


3 thoughts on “Got buttons? Got a craft!

  1. I love it, Jess! What a great idea! And we’re actually doing a Christmas tree crafts today anyways! Now I’m off to see if we’ve got any spare buttons…

  2. I was just thinking that we actually have more pennies than buttons in the house… we’ll make a money tree!!!!

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