Make your own Holiday Gift Tags…

Or, What to do With Leftover Paint!


To tell you the truth I hate when the kids want to paint! It takes about 20 hours to set them up to have them paint for 20 minute (tops) and be done with it. Not to mention all the leftover paint that I hate to waste. So I came up with this idea. I happened to have had some (like hundreds!) of 3×5 in. index cards. I placed a card in the paint face down and held down for a second or so. I placed the card on a flat surface to dry. It did curl a little but I was able to flatten out after it had dried. I made about 10 or so cards. Then I got this fabulous idea! I turned the cards in to gift tags. I simply cut the corners off and punched a hole in the middle. Then I threaded a bit of thin grosgrain ribbon through the hole. Rebecca didn’t like the pattern I chose so we’ll play around with the patters. She wants to make her own to use as place settings at Grandma’s Christmas table!






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