Decoupage Ornaments


Here is another craft that is very family friendly. The end result is nothing less than spectacular. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. You won’t be disappointed and everyone will marvel at your wonderful ornaments!

You’ll need:
a couple of large paint brushes — the disposable foam varieties work well too — one per person/child
styrofoam balls of varying sizes
Mod Podge or other lustre glue to serve as gluing agent as well as gloss
Tissue paper, origami paper, wrapping paper cut into squares — leftover remnants are perfect!
Note: for the younger children the tissue paper is much easier to use and much more pliable. If it tears not to worry you can still glue it onto the ball. There is no such thing as too much glue here!
You can also mix and match patters… I have no photos but they make very pretty ornaments that way too!
Sewing pins with the round ball
Ribbon of any type — we use inexpensive wrapping paper ribbon
and lots and lots of wet paper towels to clean off messy little (and big!) hands

First make sure you have some Christmas music on… it’s most important!

Start by painting your foam ball with the mod podge  then pasting small squares of paper onto the glue. Paint over with the glue. Repeat as necessary until the entire ball is covered. (If using origami or high quality wrapping papers that are stiffer you may need to use your hands to really get the paper to mold to and stick to the ornaments.

When the ornament is covered take a pin and place it into what you would like the top of the ornament to be.

Then take your ribbon and cut a selected amount, fold in half and remove the pin, place into the bottom of the ribbon and back into the ornament.

The ornaments could take up to 24 hours to dry, depending on how much glue was used. I hang them to dry so as to ensure that the ornaments will dry nicely and not stick to anything.






The first and last ornaments were  made by Rebecca when she was 3… both used tissue paper. This one is her “Madeline ornament” and she made it because the tissue paper remind her of Madeline’s dress! 

We used these as place settings last year at Grandmas Christmas table. The children made different ornaments for everyone (8 adults, 5 kids) and everyone got to bring their ornament home.