The Land of Misfit Cookies


T’is the season to be baking, Fa La La La La, La La La La… I was on a roll making my favorite crispy, buttery, brown sugary chocolate chip cookie.  I broke out all the cookie sheets and had both ovens on. Despite the boys wanting to help and make a mess along the way which included egg yolk on the counter and down the front of the cabinets, flour, white and brown sugar all over the floor, I persevered and baked all my cookies. I love to bake and I have been told that I am very good at it. But just as with everything else, we have our good days and our bad days. This was not one of our best days! I was having a harder time than usual. The cookies seemed thinner and more delicate than in the past. Perhaps it was my imagination. Perhaps it was my haste. Perhaps it was my complete and total lack of memory. The chips were hot and the cookies were thin and in some cases transfering them from hot cookie sheet to cooling rack took a bit of determination. I need a few more cooling racks. And a way to get the chips to cool faster. That’s when the grand idea of tossing the cookies into the fridge to harden hit me as brilliant. I was operating at warp speed. Cookies on sheets, sheets in oven, sheets out of oven… sheets into fridge. Sheets out of fridge. Scrape cookies off and place in large plastic container. And so on and so on and so on. And when the Silpats were in the fridge I would place the cookie dough balls directly on to the cookies sheets. I had a system going. A good one. Efficient and fast. But as it turned out not so pretty! In two cases I crammed too many cookies onto the sheet resulting in a oozy blob… the cookies hardened nicely, but I had to cut them out. What resulted were square, rectangular and triangle shaped cookies! And I forgot to grease a cookie sheet and despite the fact the recipe called for 1 POUND of butter the cookies seemed to be pretty well glued on.

All my beautiful, perfectly tanned and browned cookies were set asside and packaged together. But what do I do about the others? The not so pretty ones? They still tasted good! I’m not one who likes to waste anything. I am certainly not going to waste a perfectly delicious though maybe not so beautiful (by certain perfectionists standards) cookies. So I loaded all my square, rectangular and triangular shaped cookies into the cookie jar. They looked odd but happy in there. Then I scraped the heck out of the cookies that were stuck. Crumbs went flying everywhere. I scraped off peices with my fingers, delighting in the buttery sugary goodness. In the end I got each cookie off the sheet. Beautifully, not really… Ok, not at all… But I do know a few kids and a certain husband who know better than to care what their cookie looks like. They know all too well that the beauty of the cookie certainly lies within.  And now, within me!


8 thoughts on “The Land of Misfit Cookies

  1. You have more will power than I do! My method for dealing with ugly mistakes is to gobble them up, eradicating the evidence. Because as you say, mistakes are usually still tasty!

  2. Kim, the problem was not just one or two misfit cookies, but a dozen or two… and after gobbling up pounds of raw cookie dough I could not eat THAT many misfits!

  3. You are right about good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad one around here. We were all set to have a lovely family day decorating the Christmas trees. Well, one fell and all the ornaments broke and my husband spent about six hours trying to get the big one to light so we never even got around to decorating it!!!

  4. Oh No! We are supposed to go cut a tree down at Maple Row… but I am, er… needing a bagel or something substantial. The 3rd glass of wine did me in! We went to a holiday party last night in your ‘hood. I wore open toe shoes and when I left the house at 11:30pm I was wishing I had boots on! It was lovely! Maybe the snow will put you all in a better mood… besides, you could not have a more perfect day to decorate a tree! Turn on 99.9 and make some hot chocolate!

  5. Oh my gosh, this post is so funny! This recipe is our new favorite too (thanks so much! 😉 and Connor was helping me make these cookies the other day–same thing happening. I “lost” many a beautiful cookie. So, I had one plate of ugly, broken cookies for us, and another plate of pretty, round cookies to share! We don’t mind the broken ones, either! 🙂 And yes, those darn cookie sheets still need greased even with that POUND of butter! 😉

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