Elegant, Organic Holiday Centerpiece


I made this last year with the help of my kids. I was decorating the front entranceway at my children’s school and needed something that was festive, attractive and inexpensive. Since the school works hard to conserve energy and recycle in as many ways as poossible, since the school tries so hard to be “green,” I thought my display ought to reflect the school’s philospohies. So I set out for branches and pine cones to start my project. I did not know where I was headed. I then sought out acorns. Of course I enlisted the aide of the children and we all three had such fun collecting these items. When I had them all in front of me I looked at them and thought they looked rather bland. Raw. Boring. They needed to be spruced up somehow. So I went to the paint store. In the back of my mind I was thinking Silver and Gold. So I bought some non-toxic, kid friendly poster paints. I bought white, silver and gold. And some Mod Podge, my favorite crafting partner. And some medium and large foam brushes. And some glitter. Silver and gold.  And the kids and I started paint and frosting and glueing and glittering. We painted the branches and pine cones and the acorns. These items were spruced up but still the centerpiece was bland. I found some really inexpensive small red plastic apple ornaments. We painted those in gold as well. My friend Susan tossed in a handful of small silver ornaments. And our final touch was a sprig or two of holly we cut off the bush outside the school’s main entrance. The display was spectacular and was dismantled during Christmas break. I kept the acorn/pinecone mixture and just came across it in the basement. I found a large oval ivory platter and my holiday centerpiece will look perfect for when my girlfriends come over on Tuesday evening!

(Suggested) Materials:
Pinecones — these vary in shapes and sizes and if you can, try to get as many varying sizes as possible
Small rocks
Small silver or gold ornaments
Nuts, whole in shells — like chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, etc
Small plastic fruit ornaments
Small pine bough
Pieces of holly bush with berries
Large and medium foam brushes
Mod Podge
White, silver, gold poster paints
Silver, gold glitter
And anything else you desire!





3 thoughts on “Elegant, Organic Holiday Centerpiece

  1. Thanks Kimmy! I could totally see you and Immy doing this… have you acorns and pine cones in GObbleGobble?

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