Knit One, Save One (Life)

is an ongoing effort on behalf of Save The Children to save the lives of children under five.


I am writing about this because my friend Lilly urged me to.

Nearly 10 million babies each year die due to hypothermia. That’s right, not hunger, but hypothermia. Half that number do not even make it to their first birthday. And staggering is the number of newborns unable to survive their first 24 hours of life. All that’s needed to prevent these terrible, tragic deaths are hats. The same little caps placed on the heads of our babies when they were born. These hats are vital to survival.One tiny cap! It’s not so much is it?

Rebecca and her 4th grade class, under the guidance of her teacher Patricia Bruno, knitted caps for Save the Children this year. These children, boys and girls, had so much fun with their creations, knitting 24 hours a day it seemed — in front of the TV, when they were supposed to be doing homework (!!) and simply as a means of relaxation. Rebecca not only learned a new skill that she will carry forth in life, but she is helping to make a difference. My daughter helped to save a life today. Wow! That’s powerful, impressive stuff. And you and your children can  do the same thing too! To learn more about Knit One, Save One Program please visit Save the Children, and click on the Knit One, Save One: What You Can Do video. It doesn’t take much all! The world is a better and healthier place because of my daughter and her 4th grade class. And with all your help it can get better still!






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