A Perfect Storm


School was closed on Friday. The kids were a bit disappointed because it was to be Pajama Day and the last day of school before Christmas break. It was supposed to be a day of class parties and gift exchanges. Sadly this did not happen this year. By noon, as the first few flakes fell from the sky, the kids had forgotten their disappointment. Within minutes the ground was blanketed in white and frowns turned into smiles with the prospect of snow men and snow balls and snow angels and hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. It is now Sunday and it is snowing again. Rebecca is supposed to be in an ice show this afternoon but we are home bound. We have Christmas on television and on the radio and in the oven! We baked Santa some double chocolate m&m cookies. And because Christopher does not think that will be enough we will bake some peanut butter swirl brownies. At the moment we are all in our PJs. Yes, it is 1:30 in the afternoon. Excitement is in the air as the kids count down the days until Santa’s arrival. I’m at peace and relaxing. It’s nice being forced to slow down and take a break. Sure I have some shopping still to do, but it will get done. So while the snow (and rains) fall from the sky I will take the time to enjoy the quiet (well, for the most part!) with my family and enjoy the time I have with them all together and without interruption.

Despite the loss of another furnace, we are keeping warm. (Luckily this time it involves replacement of a small piece and not the entire furnace!) We are lucky to have two furnaces. While the downstairs is a tad chilly, the upstairs is perfectly comfortable. As is the playroom. And the cold, hard tile on the kitchen floors are humbling. While it certainly is a bit of a nuisance to be without a furnace for a few days, the cold floors serve as a reminder of all that I do have.  So after I finish this post I will snuggle into my bed next to Christopher and stare out my windows and marvel at the beauty beyond. (Alexander is outside shovelling with his father and Rebecca is supposedly cleaning her room — Polly Pockets and Flokati rugs are not the best mix!)

 I’ll use this day as the perfect excuse to keep the kids a little bit closer to me. And then, when they are least expecting I’ll wallop them with a cold, wet, fast snowball!


One thought on “A Perfect Storm

  1. Beautiful writing, glad to hear you are all enjoying the holidays and taking time to just enjoy each others company – that’s truly what it’s all about.

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