All fun and games (until someone wakes up!)

Alexander went to bed early the other night. He has a terrible cold and hasn’t been feeling well. I gave him some Benadryl to help with his congestion. It also made him a bit sleepy so I put him in his bed, tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. Don had gone off to Home Depot for what must have been the thirteenth time that day. Downstairs it was just Rebecca, Christopher and myself. While I would have been happy to have vegged out to some mindless television, the older two suggested we play some of the new games they got for Christmas. We had loads of fun and it was nice to reconnect with them. It was nice to have time with them without their little brother interrupting things. They get less Mommy time than Alexander does and with all the craziness of  Christmas, the days immediately before as well as those that followed, it was nice to have this time together, laughing and having fun and making a little too much noise as we accidentally got a little too carried away and woke  Alexander up at 8:00pm! It was all fun and games until then. He did not fall back to sleep until 11:30!

Anyhow, these were the games we were having fun playing:


3 thoughts on “All fun and games (until someone wakes up!)

  1. Fun games! We have some of those in our house. Just waiting for the days that we out grow Candyland and Chutes and Ladders….. 🙂 BTW–not wishing these cute days away. 🙂

  2. Mandy, have you tried playing A Snail’s Race, or eBoo’s Picnic game? Alexander just got these for Xmas and they are adorable, and better yet fun for all ages!!! (as opposed to Candyland and chutes and ladders!)

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