The Lemonade Award


KK over at Pink & Green and Southern was given the Lemonade Award. In turn she was to pass it out to 10 of her favorite blogs. Due to lack of time or sheer laziness 😉 she, instead, told her readers to grab the award. Now, thanks, but I am not giving myself an award. However, I am happy to take it and pass it along to those blogs that I enjoy — those blogs of personal friends, and blogoshephere friends. The following blogs I have chosen are ones that make me laugh and smile. The following blogs are great at turning lemons into lemonade. I applaud you all and thanks for putting a smile on my face!

The recipients of the Lemonade Award are:

Chelsea from over at the Mama Bird Diaries.  I happened upon this blog one night while Don was out of town and the kids were asleep. Well, I am not sure whether they were asleep or not, but they were in bed! I love reading this blog. Chelsea grew up in the town over from where I am currently residing with my family and she currently lives and writes about family life in Manhattan (where I grew up.) Now, you do not have to be a New Yorker to appreciate this blog. You should go check it out!

Mandy, from Life’s About a Dream really cracks me up. She is hilarious and I love her little quips about her kids Frick and Frack. She also has a special spot in my heart as we both love bad 80s music. We have disagreed in our polititcal posts and yet there we have so many similarities. I have never met Mandy but think we would get along FABULOUSLY!

My dear friend Marie over at Everyday Matters has, I am not kidding, like the world’s best behaved kids… at least in public… at least when I have met them. I LOVE her stories.

I met JoAnna over 4 years ago on a parent’s messaging board. She is an army wife with more gumption than I could ever have and a fierce sense of humor. Her blog No Expectations usually has me howling. I am pretty sure (though not 100% certain) that it was her blog that got me hooked and inspired me to write my own.)

I recently discovered Beth over at It’s a Mom’s Life.I like her stories and her Miracle Monday segments — talk about making lemonade out of lemons. So Beth’s getting this along with a bottle of Purell for her husband 😉 !

My friend Kim is a Canadian ex-pat temporarily living in Turkey with her English Professor husband. Her blog is funny and creative and eco-minded. And I truly enjoy reading about her life abroad in You Can’t Diaper their Faces .

My final award goes to Allie at No Time for Flashcards. For the toddler and preschool set. I love her crafty ideas!

In turn, please pass this award out to 10 of your favorites Blogging Gals! (And if you can not come up with 10, that is quite all right!)

Thanks and Congratulations!

12 thoughts on “The Lemonade Award

  1. Yay!! Thank you so much for this award. I appreciate it. 🙂 Whodda thought someone else out there liked Milli Vanilli? TOTALLY thought I was the only one.

    Politics, schmolitics. 🙂

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