My computer died on me yesterday. I knew it was coming. I saw the signs and yet I chose to ignore them. Stupid, I know but I could not bare to be without my laptop. While yes, I have a car and a phone, my computer, to me, is an important tie to my outside world. I can drop a quick email versus spending hours chatting on the phone. I can see what my friends are up to on Facebook –my latest addiction. And I can blog. Without my computer I am toast. A lost soul looking for somewhere to go. I get it now when my kids say they are bored. I hate that term and I get upset every time they use it. No one in this family should be bored. We have more than enough to keep everyone busy. And there are always chores, laundry, vacuuming, etc… But my kids don’t want to do chores and neither do I! Don is watching football and the kids are all packed in for the night. I am not sleepy as somehow I managed to sneak in a two and a half hour nap today! (I went up to watch a little television with Alexander in my room. Five minutes later there were four of us on the bed. Two hours later it was dark out and I was the only one up there!) Right now I would love to just grab my laptop and join Don in the family room. But I can’t. I am bored. So I have snuck on to his because I have this insane urge to be on a computer! I can’t unplug his laptop because he’s been on it unplugged. (Booking a trip to Disney, but shhh! Don’t tell the kids!)

A new laptop has been ordered and I will get mine fixed. Because I never listen. I know I am supposed to save stuff. But I haven’t. Five year’s worth of stuff is on there. Photos of the kids. Stories that Rebecca used to create. Cards they have created, and a bunch of other useful and useless information that means a lot to me. My Dell has served me well. It will be 5 years old on Valentine’s Day. (What a romantic, eh?!) It’ll be restored and the kids will have it. It’s far better than their old Dinosaur that operates on Windows 98 and actually starts off in DOS! Whether they use it for Club Penguin, Webkinz or book reports, biographies and science projects it will serve them well. I’m not so happy that I get a new computer, because really I am fine with my Dell, but I am thrilled that I will no longer have to share mine. With anyone! Ever again!!! (Can you hear my wicked and evil laugh?!)

He tried to fix it for me temporarily. He really tried. I think he saw the color drain from me when the screen went permanently black.  I lost focus of everything else. I just wanted my computer. I mean, how completely freaking lame is that!?

Tomorrow I have to decorate some cupcakes for Rebecca’s class party. And take Christopher to a play date. And, I suppose because I will have limited access to a computer I will also do the following:

Laundry… wash, fold and put away. (We will have about 5 heaping baskets by tomorrow)
Run and empty dishwasher… for some reason I LOATHE this more than any other thing in the house
Buy ingredients for Rebecca’s cupcakes
Bake and decorate cupkaes for 4th grade class
Take Christopher to a play date and pick up a friend along the way
Take down Xmas tree in LR… yes it is still up and I have been ignoring it in hopes that it would somehow magically disrobe itself
Clean up mess from tree
Take Rebecca to skating
and get ready for another school week…

And somehow try to get some wrapping done. Rebecca’s 10th is on Wednesday!

And, of course, I will try to sneak on here a couple of times, I am sure!

7 thoughts on “toast

  1. You must sneak on in between your errands/chores. You were missed on dyk this weekend. You will be in heaven once your new laptop arrives!!

  2. I just ordered a new computer for my almost 5 year old Dell too! How funny! I too will give this one to the kiddos and am so glad not to have to share anymore. You mentioned having your old one restored–how do I do this to mine?!

  3. Sorry your laptop died Jess. Get yourself an external hard drive for the new one so you don’t lose all your stuff again!!! We’ll miss you until you return!

  4. Tara,

    Once we can get the power restored/power plug fixed or the connector fixed my computer will be fine. There are some minor operating bugs but those can be fixed very quickly. We do have an external HD too,

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