let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I haven’t seen this much snow in a winter in a very long time. Quite possibly ever. I love it! And because it never really seems to stop everything is white. The trees and lawns are white. Rooftops are white.  And there doesn’t seem to be too much, if any old grey, slushy snow. I know many of you are done with this weather. Have been done for months now. But not me.I love it. It brings out the kid in me. It makes me happy. I like nothing better than to snuggle up inside on the couch, in front of a warm fire if possible, and watch the snow fall. Outside the floor light is on. I’ll go upstairs and watch the snow sashay down from the sky, falling slowly sometimes and quicker at others. The branches on the trees outside my window are wrapped in thick white blankets. The stark white set against the black sky is spectacular. And in the early morning hours before the sun dares to rise, and late in the afternoon just before she is ready for her slumber everything outside my window is blue… in varying shades of blue. Blue is my favorite color. She is soothing and relaxing, especially Periwinkle. If I was a crayon I would be Periwinkle. I love a nice periwinkle evening in winter  when I have no where to be.

Winter in New England without snow is grey, ho-hum-boring,dismal and boring. The kids don’t want to be outside.  They end up with terrible cases of cabin fever and end up driving us all bonkers! But they love the snow. What fun! And nice to get some exercise and come in all cold and rosy cheeked and sip some warm cocoa. I’ll take a snowy day over a grey day any day!

I really could go on and on but this old Dino can not keep up with my fingers and I am getting so terribly frustrated. So, I wil head to bed and get ready for another work week and try to shift in to fast pace gears and I won’t have as much time to stop and watch the snow fall. And most likely I won’t be on here much tomorrow. I will have to be productive again. Not so much fun!  I will keep my fingers crossed that we do not have a delayed start. I need Alexander to be in school all morning. I have some presents to wrap and prefer not to do so under the watchful eyes of a three year old with a very large mouth. Tomorrow is the last time I will ever have a Nine Year Old daughter. Wow!


One thought on “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  1. I love that you love the snow. I do not dig it. I am a wimp and it’s too cold and I can’t drive in it and I’m glad we’re back to our beloved rain. 🙂 That’s how I really feel. hehe.

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