Rebecca was grounded this afternoon. Basically because, well, she’s a slob!  I keep finding dirty clothes wadded up in her drawers and have had numerous discussions with her that dirty clothes go in the hamper and clean clothes go in her drawers. Blame it partially on laziness and partially on Tween Distraction. We were meeting the Girl Scouts in town for a private screening of The Kit Kittredge Movie and I was trying to be helpful and pick out a couple of outfits for her that I thought she would like. It’s amazing how difficult getting dressed is these days. So as I was in her drawers I thought I would do a little straightening. But when I found dirty, really dirty clothes in there I started to get annoyed. Had this been th first time I would have dismissed it. Even the second time. Even the third time. You get the idea.

So I called Rebecca up to her room and sent her to the laundry room with all her clothes. I had her place them in the washing machine and add the detergent. After this was done I told her that her friend could not come over this afternoon. Since she added yet another load of laundry to my Everest of Laundry Piles she would spend the afternoon helping me separate the folded laundry and she would put her own away… properly. (I did let her go to the movie this morning.)

She was clearly overwhelmed by all that there was. As was I. She helped me fold and sort and she put hers away. Without complaint. I was impressed and I think that she understands now, how much laundry is genererated by this family and how time consuming it really is.

When Cindeerella was done withher chores she went off to play with her brothers and I crawled into my bed to try to nap. Try. OMG were they loud. But they were not fighting. For the first time in ages they were all playing together and having fun. Yes, making a racket, but getting along! And no noise is so wonderful as the noise of children getting along and having fun.

When they were done playing we all went into the kitchen and did some painting. Rebecca painted some large wooden letters — initials that will hang over her bed, and a heart-shaped mirror for her dresser. Christopher painted a model airplane that he had previously put together and I helped Alexander put together a wooden model truck.  The beauty of the day was that no one even thought about asking for television until recently, after a nice, easy dinner of pb&j!

Apparently the noisenoisenoise was too much for their father who at one point called up to them to be quiet and stop having fun!

2 thoughts on “noisenoisenoise

  1. Jenn… she needs to learn. She has so many expensive things… clothes, doll clothes — many of which are antique — and she really needs to learn how to take care and respect things.

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