My fabulous husband…

was here when my shiny new laptop arrived via FedEx yesterday morning. (I was out battling Alexander every step of the way down every aisle of Super Stop & Shop and as a result my simple shopping took me nearly 2 hours and cost me $238.)

I was a bit surprised that he was still home. These days he is out long before the kids are up. He was greeted by my whining about Alexander the Terrible as all signs indicated that we were going to have a long terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and that I really, really wanted to run from him all the way to Australia. Don helped me with the groceries. And helped himself to the new jar of Planter’s Dry Roasted peanuts that were on sale — and why you should not shop while a) hungry, b) undercaffeinated and c) with 3 year old Troublemaker who insists on pulling everything off the shelves. As I unpacked the pears and bananas and apples (and plastic bottle of cinnamon sugar resembling a little blond boy I know; I never saw that go in to my cart!) Don’s standing by the counter chomping on peanuts by the handful and smiling, rather smirking away. I haven’t asked him why he is still home as I figured he was dealing with paperwork. And he’s still there eating, leaning, smiling, smirking… and then I see IT! My brand new sparkly-shiny gorgeous sexy new stainless and black new laptop! It was not due to arrive for another week but IT came, somehow or other it came just the same! It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages boxes, or bags! (Ok, so that’s not really true!)

And my beautiful wonderful (when he wants to be!) husband spent the morning getting it all ready for me!

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