Feeling Wishy Washy…

Not so sure I am really happy over here at WordPress. I kinda miss my old Blogger ways. Neither site is perfect, and this one is not so bad that I want to jump ship, but every now and then I have a feeling of longing… it’s like homesickness… as though I am not sure sure I belong here. And would it be so completely wishy-washy to drag all of you all the way back to the old site? You all think I am mad. A blog is a blog is a blog. But it ain’t so. For example, I wanted to show you all this amazing picture that Alexander drew the other day.

It’s his first decipherable picture. It was the first thing he has produced that was not scribbles. It was a picture of his father and he was just so proud especially because it was anatomically correct! (Not sure where the arms are though! And could that be chest hair just beneath his neck?)

So at Blogger I could have easily embedded this image directly from Picassa or uploaded it from my computer. But I can’t here and I am so maddened and frustrated. Anyhow if you click on the link below you will see my little Picasso!




5 thoughts on “Feeling Wishy Washy…

  1. That picture is awesome! I think you’ll be keeping that.

    BTW, in picasaweb, there’s a way to copy code to embed the pic in your blog.

    When you click on “link to this photo” to the right, it gives you the link, or you can copy the “embed image” stuff.

    That may work. (Not sure if you’d have to go into html mode for that or something).

  2. That is a great picture!

    I have run into the same problems as well. But, BP assures me wordpress is better and more secure. Some days I agree and others, well, I all but throw my computer out the window. I am sure you understand!! 🙂

    I would follow you to the ends of the earth, my fellow Milli Vanilli fan. LOL

  3. love the picture….I think you should frame it for D to take into work and display in his office. LMAO!!!

    No matter what you decide…stay here…go back…The Entertaining House will always be full of visitors…me amoung them. 🙂

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