Changes in Lattitude Changes in Attitude

My dining room and my bloggy… both experiencing a make-over
I just love Jimmy Buffet, don’t you? But I’m not here to talk about him or Juicyfruit, or Cheeseburgers in Paradise… not until the summertime that is! Now is the season for giving Thanks and giving and hanging ornaments and drinking warm seasonal lattes in beautiful red ups and listening to bells jingling and children singing. As I sit upstairs at my computer listening to the paint rollers rolling and strange Spanish music blaring from below… as I wait (im)patiently for my dining room to transform herself… worriedly, excitedly… as I wait for the clock to tell me it’s time to go to get Alexander and meet Rebecca and her 4th grade class as well as the Kindergarten class in front of the Stop & Shop grocery store in Westport, CT so that they can donate all the food the school has collected to donate to Operation Hope and hear them all sing their Thanksgiving Song… and wait to bring Andy the Guinea Pig back for another long weekend… I am fiddling with my bloggy… It’s a mishmash at the moment but it is headed in the right direction. You’ll notice some changes around here. I’m selling myself out, heading toward Madison Avenue and Main Street. I’m entering the advertising biz promoting the items I love and use regularly both here and on my food blog. You’ll see some bigger changes around here. I’m trying to have this site serve as a better reflection of me. And why not try to make a few $$ as well. And, not to worry my friends there’s something in it for you too! My first ever give-away. It won’t be too large but it’ll be a little something that I really, truly love… a little something that puts an extra spring in my step… I’ll post about it in the very near future.If you can’t wait for my little giveaway you can head over to my buddy Jen at ListPlanIt… she’s giving away some Christmas music. Perfect! It will accompany mine perfectly! Have you any idea what I am plotting?

Oh boy…

I might need another run to the paint store… the dining room is blue. Really blue. Too blue. Too light blue. The paint swatch seemed a more masculine tone and yet when you place the swatch on the wall it does match up. But I’m not loving it. The stripes still need to get painted and maybe that will help. It is a darker blue. But I am afraid it is still too blue. Oye. Even Don agreed… It looks like Christopher’s room in the old house… all that’s missing are the Pottery Barn Wall Paper cut outs on the walls… Aye Carumba!

These pictures were taken earlier… now there is now blue below the chair rail as well. The room needs to dry overnight and then the painters will come back and work on the shadow striping… but I am afraid! I am very afraid!

(Below is Christopher’s old room … looks remarkably like the new dining room! Oh someone please tell me it will all be OK!!!!)


I do my best to update this daily… sometimes I am too busy. Or too boring. No more parties to plan and wrapping paper drives to chair. Now it’s time to redirect focus to me and us and our home. The painters started this week. HURRAH! My living room and dining room should be done by the end of the week! Yahoo! Remember my plaid panelled walls? Well they are no more!

They are gone gone gone and the dizzying pattern will no longer cause my stomach to churn! Instead I look into a room of clean, pure white primer! But it will be like that for not much longer! The dining room will be blue… Benjamin Moore San Fransisco Bay blue with shadow stripes above the chair rail and solid below

This is Benjamin Moore’s San Fransisco Bay (802) which we’ll have in a semi-gloss next to

Blue Bayou (801) which will be a matte stripe and Ivory Tusk (OC91) below for our trim in both the dining and living rooms.

This is Benjamin Moore’s Lenox Tan (HC44) which also happens to be a Pottery Barn select color and will be on the walls of the living room. For a little drama and color the ceiling will be Mediterranean Breeze (799) which is in the same color family (pictured below)as the two in the dining room. I want the two rooms to have separate feels and yet flow.

The living room is right now being stripped of equally hideous wallpaper (I’m sorry I never got around to taking a picture of it) I am so excited! The final thing we need to do is to get a big comfy sectional for the family room so that we can put the couch back into the living room… in another couple of weeks we’ll be there and we’ll be able to entertain and have dinner parties and this Entertaining Mom is so very excited about that! I need to start planning some meals and appetizers and cocktails of course!

My holiday season has already started and our weekends are filling up. Cheer is in the air. I can’t wait to break out my Christmas decor and get the house smelling like the holiday season with balsam and fir and baking!