Meggie, Joe and I

Yesterday morning I met my friend Meggie at Starbucks. We got the two big club chairs over by the window and settled down with our coffees. I am sure you all know what kind I ordered. She ordered the same. For two hours we gabbed on and on and on. We barely came up for air. Meggie is the kind of girl who keeps you laughing. Like me she is often an embarrassment to herself. We can relate to one another incredibly well. We share similar embarrassing stories. I may walk out of bathroom stalls with my pants half up in attempt to help my preschooler in the next stall get his down while Meggie’s wrap skirt completely unwraps. In public. I mean, isn’t that just so me? Isn’t it! We paused a few seconds here and there to breathe and to empty our aging bladders. “Isn’t it interesting,” she asked “That now, when you do jumping jacks you have to pee all the time?” Interesting indeed. We were talking about our trips to the gym. Or lack thereof. We talked of our treadmills collecting dust and being used as clothing racks. We talked about our rapidly expanding waistlines as we sipped our 500 calories lattes. We talked about Weight Watchers and Caramel Apple cookies. We talked about careers and the new ones we would start as our kids grew. We talked about Donnie Deutsch who hosts a wonderful business program called Out of the Box. We talked not about new business strategies and getting them off the ground, but instead, we talked about Donnie’s boyish good looks and his handsome physique. Which got us over to another NBC affiliate and the ever so handsome and ever so dreamy Joe Scarborough. Meggie first introduced me to Joe years ago when he hosted his nighttime news program, Scarborough Country. I used to stay up late at night for him. Now that he has his Morning Joe I get up extra early for him. His new program is much better. His cohorts are pretty cool themselves. Willie’s great. Mika rocks. And she’s pretty and smart. But she’s not Joe. Nobody is Joe. Joe’s a Republican. Did you know that? He’s a Republican who likes to bash Republicans. Isn’t that just so sexy? He is way to sexy for his shirt. Anyhow, as a Republican swinging the other way, I can truly appreciate him. And since Meggie and I were talking about Joe and Mika and Willie, of course we started talking about politics. And of course the subject of You Know Who came up. And we decided that we should vote for her.